Morn is a professional boom lift manufacturer. Morn have been manufacturing the lifts for 14 years, and we are committed to develop new products to expand the lift’s market recently. After designing the new trailing boom lift with telescopic arm, we received the second order for 14m trailing boom lift from Ecuador recently.

hydraulic trailing boom lift

The 14m aerial lift platform have a new design, it adopt the telescopic boom for much safety working. And it has three points to insure the safe. Firstly, there is a hand brake value in front of the lift, you need to open the hand brake value before you use the lift. Second, there is a emergency lowering system to lower the platform manually in case of power failure. Third, it has a horizontal goniometer on the bottom of the lift, the lift will be stop when it more than 3°. So it can insure the safety of worker.

hydraulic trailing boom lift

hydraulic trailing boom lift detail

Our this trailing boom lift added a diesel, it is used in outdoor. And it is more convenient. We will test the lift before shipment every time. We insure the quality of our product strictly.

trailing boom lift

Morn will design more new product in the future. If you are interested in our lift type lift, please kindly contact me.