What is the feature of aluminum aerial work platforms

The aluminum aerial work platforms is a new design product. The whole part is made of high-strength aluminum material with a high-strength profile, which can reduce the deflection and swing of the lifting platform. The aluminum aerial work platform adopts a telescopic column structure, which has the advantages of good stability, flexible operation and easy implementation. Its appearance is very light and it can reach the highest lifting capacity in the smallest space. The rated lifting capacity of the single mast is 100kg, and the lifting height is 6~10m. The rated lifting capacity of the double mast is 200kg and the lifting height is 8~14m.

The feature of the aerial work platforms

The personal lift platform offer a safe, quick and easy method of reaching overhead areas. Mostly designed to lift one person, these platforms are extremely compact, lightweight and easy to maneuver. The vertical personnel lift consists of a working platform attached to an aluminium mast that extends vertically, which in turn is mounted on a steel base.

Built with high strength aluminum alloy, MORN mast lifts are in beautiful shape, small size, light weight, stable rising, and safe operation. The mast structure is in good stability, flexible movement. Based on different height and load capacity requirements, such aluminum alloy lifts can be made with one, two, three, four, five and even six masts. Moreover, for convenience of operation, self-propelled function is designed for it. The lifts are widely used in machine maintenance, painting, decoration, lamp replacement, cleaning, and installation in workshops, airports, factories, companies, railway stations, docks, exhibition halls, etc.

Various AC and DC powered models.

If with AC Powered Models (220v/110v etc)

  • Powered by a plugged power point
  • No noise and air pollution
  • Indoor Usage
  • Longer usage time

If with DC Powered Models:

  • Battery operated, can be use outdoor
  • Use for workspace constraints

For the body structure

  1. The whole machine is light in weight. The flexible universal wheel has good mobility, which is suitable for single operation
  2. The lifting mechanism is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles.
    Equipped with horizontal indicator.
  3. The comprehensiveresistance of high pressure steel wire tubing is much stronger than the maximum pressure of the hydraulic system.
  4. Double-chain transmission is safer and stable.
  5. The structure is compact, and the transport size is small. It can enter the general elevator, also can pass through door and narrow channel smoothly.

mast lift


  1. How long will you make it?
    Answer: Within 7-15 working days after order confirmed
    2. What kind of payments do you support?
    Answer: T/T, L/C, it has different term of payment,other kinds, please contact us.
    3. What is the MOQ?
    Answer: Generally speaking, the MOQ is 1 set, Different products have different MOQ. More quantity, better price. please contact with us.

4.What is the application field for it?

Answer :Construction, shipyard, industrial, airport, municipal garden or others places.

5.What kind of the trade term will you accept?

Answer: EXW/FOB/CFR/`CIF/DDU to your nearest seaport
6. Can you produce according to customer’s requirements?
Answer: Yes, of course, we are professional manufacturer, need tell us the lifting height, load capacity and platform size, OEM we are also welcome.
7. Can you tell us your main customers?

Answer: That’s our customer’s privacy, we should protect their information, when you need, we ask them first, if agree, we can tell u. At the same time, please rest assured that your information is also safe here.

8.How to use it, do you have using manual?

Answer: yes, we can provide you the using and maintaining manual.

9.What is the warranty? How long will you provide the free-parts for us?

Answer :Generally, we provide 12 months warranty apart from man-made damaged.