Loading dock lift is an auxiliary equipment that is used to load and unload goods from or out of containers. Although its functions are very similar with that of a loading dock ramp which acts as the bridge between forklifts and containers, it does has superior and unique advantages comparing to the container loading ramp.

Firstly, hydraulic loading dock lift only takes up a small space in that it just travels up and down vertically during the loading and offloading process. The forklift can be driven onto its platform directly, then the platform will be risen to the same height with the container. After the forklift loads or offloads the goods, it can get back to the platform waiting to be lowered down. The whole work of loading dock lift only occupies a vertical space of platform size. That’s it!

loading dock lift

Secondly, the loading dock lift can also be used by workers who carry goods with trolleys. The worker just needs to pull the trolley onto the platform of dock lift, and the lift will elevate them to the container, saving time and labor. While a worker is hard to pull a trolley to containers by walking on the uphill loading dock ramp, in which risks of falling backward exist commonly.

loading dock lift

Last but not least, such stationary scissor lift has so compact structure that it can be stored safely on the well-designed pit. When being not used, the platform can be retracted into the pit and is parallel with the ground level. So there is no need to worry about rains or snows’ corroding the lift structure.

stationary scissor lift

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