Wheelchair access prepared for those people with limited mobility can be seen in many public places, such as library, railway station, cinema, bank, hotel, hospital and so forth. This do offer great convenience for the disabled people and help them share the same resources with common people. However, in private places, like home, especially for two or more floor houses, wheelchair access may not be deployed particularly for the disabled people whose daily life and activities are limited. A wheelchair lift is able to solve this puzzle by elevating people with wheelchair up and down staircases.

wheelchair lift
How Does a Wheelchair Lift Work?

A wheelchair lift is a lift machine installed in staircases, being used to load people in wheelchair to the upstairs. It can be both installed indoor and outdoor depending on actual need. And in addition to vertical staircases, you can also select a customized service that to install a wheelchair lift in curve staircases with rails. The installation and operation methods of a wheelchair lift can be deigned on your house structure base. Don’t worry about the installation of wheelchair will influence other people’s walking up and down stairs, for the wheelchair lift can be folded up when not being used.


A vertical platform wheelchair lift can be operated in two methods – screw drive system and hydraulic system. In screw drive system, a motor, screw shaft and large nut are included. The motor spins the screw shaft which lifts or lowers the nut, and then the platform is forced to travel up and down. And with a hydraulic system, the hydraulic fluid pumps out and to the reservoir, and thus drives the cylinders to move up and down. Then the platform is motored to raise and lower. You can choose one of these two motor methods as per your preference.


Safety is a key point considered in wheelchair lift design and installation. According to the height you intend to elevate, some safety measures and devices will be installed accompanying the wheelchair lift. For example, a locking gate can be installed at the upper landing and safety fence must be applied to enclose the wheelchair lift to prevent falls. Some other safety details will be provided by the manufacturer according to your personal installation condition, which you must strictly follow to ensure safety.


Wheelchair lift is of great help to disabled people, broadening their range of activities and breaking through the limitation of stairs. In this way, these people won’t sit around at home and can join more social activities to enrich their lives. What a big welfare it is!