Persons with mobility difficulties no longer have to view stairs as an obstacle to reach other levels in their residence. Wheelchair lifts are becoming increasingly popular in homes to better accommodate mobility impaired individuals. Decreasing costs, improved ease of installation, increased reliability and greater availability have increased the acceptance of residential elevators.

Do you or one of your family members use a wheelchair or have difficulty with the stairs outside of your home? Gemway offers high quality vertical platform lifts that will eliminate the hassle of getting up and down the stairs, and provide you with a safe solution. An outdoor accessibility solution will increase the independence of wheelchair people and allow them to enjoy themselves in front yard and/or backyard again!

An elevator in the personal home has long been viewed as a luxury. However, more buyers, ranging from older adults or families with young children to those with temporary or permanent disabilities, now want an easy way to move people and things from one level of a home to another, according to the National Association of Realtors.

wheelchair lift elevator

But home elevators are no longer just for the super-rich. Baby boomers looking to “age in place” are installing them to ease the burden of bad knees and bad backs. Now more and more of them can easily afford a hydraulic wheelchair lift for their home. Builders say home lifts are increasingly showing up in home renovations, custom-build homes, and high-end speculative properties.

As an experienced lift equipment manufacturer, we are committed to providing different models of wheelchair lifts for each customer. From lifting height to platform size, our wheelchair elevators can be designed and even customized according to your installation and application need. Also whether you need the lift to be installed in indoor or outdoor places, our engineers will design a suitable wheelchair lift for you based on real operation environment. The cost, of course, will take your budget and safety into full consideration.

Want to get a professional home elevator solution for your family? Just tell us your need and application requirement in below, and our technical sales representatives will talk with you soon.