As a mechanical lift equipment, hydraulic cargo lifts have been developed for a long time with mature techniques and designs which can completely cater to current loading and unloading jobs. Continuous research and investment still pay more attention to the cargo lifts’ quality and safety, and this is of course a must to strengthen their performance. But in terms of the control method of cargo lift, will it be developed in an intelligent way that differs from the traditional mechanical controls?

goods lift

Smart lift is not a totally new concept in lift industry, due to that engineers have already come up with this design theory and have been engaging in the research and development in real production. Present Internet age has also accelerated the concept of intelligence in goods lift production in which lifting control system is the top developmental priority.

Traditional and current control modes are both realized by control box and control panel, which requires operators to stand within an easy reach on the control device. If combined with the Internet control system and computer algorithm, mechanical control system will be more powerful and integrated, for only a chip can replace the control box or control panel. This chip together with the reformed circuits will come into being a network control system for the hydraulic platform lift, which can be controlled by an indoor computer or a mobile phone from anywhere with network connection.

intelligent design

Cargo lift manufacturers and engineers can try to study whether the intelligent feature is suitable for the development of goods lift in the future. Challenges and difficulties will be formed in the way of this intellectual process but the future is bright. Providing that cargo lift is configured with network control system, people can have easy control on the machine and also monitor the working performance & index to implement immediate maintenance. So let’s wait for the innovation and upgrade!