When you plan to buy a hydraulic goods lift, a question may linger on your mind that who I should buy from, a middleman or a manufacturer directly? No matter you consider buying a domestic goods lift or importing one from overseas market, you should sit down to think about what kind of machine and service you want to get from either the middleman or the goods lift manufacturer.

goods lift for construction site

Buy From the Middleman

There are a considerable number of customers choosing to buy a goods lift from the middlemen who are skilled at selecting satisfying products for their customers from various suppliers. This kind of service is usually chosen by those customers who are busy with their business or not confident of buying a really suitable cargo lift in a professional way. And they are ready to pay additional commission to the middleman.


A middleman generally won’t let you down if you don’t care about too many details about the goods lift, and also you are willing to pay extra fees for their purchasing service. The responsible middlemen will try their best to buy a goods lift for you at a relatively lower price, and they often can make it. After all, bargaining is one of their strengths. With their service, you won’t spend much time selecting the cargo lift on your own. You just need to clearly speak out what kind of machine you want to buy.

But the disadvantage lies in that whether the middleman will be responsible for the long term services after you bought the vertical goods lift platform from him. For example, if he chose the lift from a non-professional supplier who offered bad aftersales service and warranty terms, who should you ask for help from when your lift break down? Especially when the warranty period is expired, can you feel reassured that the middleman or the supplier can still provide service for you? The goods lift platform is a machine that needs regular maintenance and repair, it will influence your business flow if there is no good aftersales service to guard your work.

Buy From the Manufacturer

Goods lift manufacturer is more professional on the details, designs, applications and almost all information about the machine. You can learn more knowledge about the goods lift and buy a suitable one with lower budget. You can enjoy professional presales and aftersales services when ordering the lift from the manufacturer. The most advantage of buying from the manufacturer is that you can personally see and operate the goods lift in the factory before placing an order, which is absent from a middleman’s service.


Also, you can ask for more additional service from the manufacturer, such as longer warranty, more parts of replacement and faster delivery. All of these benefits are possible if buying from the manufacturer, especially in competitive international trade. Directly buying a goods lift from the manufacturer can save you a great commission that has to be paid to the middleman. This may take you more time and energy, but all good things are worth spending time. After all, a high quality and cost-efficient cargo lift elevator will finally return you with big profit margins and easy convenience. So do make a wise decision when you plan to invest a goods lift, a real helper, for your loading business.

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