Regular maintenance is a fundamental way to keep the good performance and prolong the work life of stationary scissor lift tables. But some owners of stationary scissor lift may not clearly know how to maintain it rightly or how often does the lift equipment should be maintained. Here 3 maintenance plans are recommended to help you take good care of your stationary scissor lift table.

stationary goods scissor lift

1. Weekly Maintenance

During every week use, the hydraulic stationary scissor lift should be inspected carefully to work out whether any parts are worn or damaged so as to implement immediate maintenance work or part replacements. Never overlook any subtle error that even has no influence on the present operation of the stationary scissor lift, for it can be accumulated further with time going by and will cause big accidents unexpectedly.

2. Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance generally should focus on the main parts of the stationary goods scissor lift, including the scissor structure, platform, intermediate shaft, hydraulic cylinders and bearings. Meantime, lubricants should be injected onto all joints and bearings to promote the smoothness and efficiency of each components. Besides, pay more attention to the quality and work performance of hydraulic oil and cylinders. If the oil is dark, sticky or mixed with some impurities, replace it with the new one to prevent potential operational risks.

scissor lift parts

3. Annually Maintenance

This can be considered as the most comprehensive and thorough maintenance conducted on the stationary scissor lift, due to that every detail of the stationary goods scissor lift has to be examined. Meanwhile, it can check out whether the weekly and monthly maintenance is done well or not. If regularly maintenance is properly implemented, then annually maintenance will be easier to be done. Otherwise, many problems and mechanical errors will be accumulated from a whole year’s operation, costing you too much energy and money to repair the machine.

All in all, regular and professional maintenance on the stationary scissor lift is the best way to keep its vigorous performance and long-term serving life. For more information about the maintenance, configuration and application of the stationary scissor lift for sale, we are willing to provide custom service for you.