Scissor lift family can be further divided into stationary scissor lift, mobile scissor lift, self-propelled scissor lift, among which scissor lift contains car scissor lift, stage scissor lift, and other scissor lift tables for various usages. This article intends to focus on the application of car scissor lift in automobile 4S (Sale, Sparepart, Service, Survey) stores.

Automobile 4S stores are nowadays booming with the improvement of people’s lives and the development of automobile industry. With that comes an impetus that automobile 4S stores upgrade their service and facilities to bring more professional user experience. Wherein, the introduction and application of hydraulic car scissor lift are a success that promotes the work efficiency, saves space and cost, and expands business of automobile 4S stores.

car scissor lifts

Firstly, car scissor lift makes a great contribution to the exhibition of sample cars in the way that the scissor lift table elevates the car to the second floor or higher ones to be easily seen by pedestrians or prospects. So facts are usually that the lowest floors of automobile 4S stores are used for reception, maintenance and some basic service, and the higher floors are filled with hot sample cars for sale. Without car scissor lift, cars would hardly be lifted to different floors.

In addition, car scissor lift won’t take extra space as it can be retracted to the pit when not being used, which stands out especially in the circumstance of today’s expensive land price and rent. Therefore automobile 4S stores needn’t pay more land cost for installing the car scissor lift platform.

car scissor lift

Lastly, car scissor lift price is not too high to be acceptable for automobile 4S stores and it can also serve for more than ten years if with proper operation and maintenance. This investment will be worthwhile for not only automobile 4S stores but also other industries where goods need to be elevated vertically.

More information about car scissor lift and other lift equipment is available in the linked website, and best lift solutions can all be achieved in a customizable way.