Container ramp is a good helper when you load the container onto the ground for loading and offloading work. It acts as the small bridge connecting container with forklift or hand truck, which makes a smooth access for goods to be transferred from or out of the container. By offsetting the height of container bottom above the ground, such little ramp perfectly paves a direct way for goods handling work.

Although the container ramp for forklift and hand truck seems easy to use, some safety tips have to be heeded to prevent improper use and guarantee safety and work efficiency. With more and more applications in industrial and logistics activities, this container ramp has brought great convenience and efficiency for worldwide users who also gained profits from their goods handling business. Then what benefits does the container ramp can bring to you?

1. Safety and Convenience

The lip plate in the front end of the ramp could ride on the container bottom edge, forming a seamless connection with container bottom. This ensures the stability of forklift or hand truck during moving process and the goods won’t fall down or shake to cause incidents. Hence worker’s safety and convenient work are ensured absolutely.

Lip on container ramp

2. Double Stability

Before using the container ramp, you should connect the fixed connecting chains with container. So the whole ramp will be firmly fixed and won’t move during the loading and unloading process. Forklift or hand truck can also move safely on the ramp.

Connecting chains in container ramp

3. Easy and Effortless Movement

There are forklift slots used for moving the ramp to another place by forklift. No manpower is needed to carry or pull the ramp, saving time and labor.

4. Collapsible and Convenient Storage

Our forklift ramp is designed to be collapsible for easy storage and movement. The whole ramp can be folded into a smaller part manually and effortlessly, saving 50% floor space of the storage.

Collapsible container ramp

5. Shipping Cost Saved

You could order the little container ramp with our standard loading dock ramp to save shipping cost and double facilitate the loading and unloading work regardless of working with a container truck or just a container.

loading dock ramp and container ramp

Now choose a container ramp for your business and you will get more convenience and benefits from it. For further information about it’s specifications and quotation, please leave a message below and we will contact you soon.