Nowadays, with the rapid economic development and more factories, the editor noticed that many factories in many places are made of a steel structure. The construction of steel structure factories is simple and the construction time is fast. Can cargo elevators in MORN be installed in steel structure factories? What should be paid attention to when installing a steel structure workshop?

Can cargo elevator install in a steel structure warehouse?

MORN cargo elevators are relatively cheaper than elevators due to their ease of use, and they do not need to be reported to relevant departments if they are not special equipment. In terms of installation conditions, it can be installed in a steel structure workshop, in a hoistway, in a floor opening, and if indoor conditions do not allow it, it can also be installed outdoors. Because of this, MORN elevators are very popular among customers. So what should we pay attention to when installing elevators in steel structure factories?

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  1. Whether the elevator is against the wall

The weight of an elevator can range from as little as one ton to as many as several tons, and the weight of the cargo is also a few tons. If there is nothing around the elevator, then the cargo will easily fall and hurt people. MORN elevators are best to be installed against the wall. There is really no condition. You can make a perimeter to surround the elevators, which effectively protects people from injuries if the goods fall off the elevators.

  1. Whether the steel structure is wrapped with lines

The lines of some workshops are taken from the steel structure. When we install the elevator in MORN, we must pay attention to whether the installation position is blocked by the line, because the guide rail of the elevator is vertical and upward. In case the line is blocked, we need to move the position. If the conditions are not enough, the line cannot be removed. Therefore, the manufacturer must pay attention to this when viewing the customer site in the past and inform the customer that the line needs to be moved, or inform the customer that the installation location cannot be blocked by other things.

The above two points are about some places to pay attention to when installing MORN elevators in steel structure workshops. If you pay attention to it, you will reduce accidents and extend the service life of the equipment. I hope it will help everyone.

Best place to install cargo elevators

Choose the type of elevator freight elevator to install, such as the floor elevator freight elevator, which is generally installed in the middle of the stairs, and the elevator is carried out at the entrance of the corridor. This kind of freight elevator needs to be installed with the help of stairs, and the steel structure is used to fix the lifting freight elevator to ensure the stability of the freight elevator.

First, the hoistway entrance elevator freight elevator is similar to the general elevator, except that no additional motor room is needed, the rest is similar. For construction in the hoistway, the wall of the hoistway must be flat to make it easier to install the freight elevator.

Second, if it is an ordinary freight elevator that is installed against a wall, we generally recommend to build a steel structure to make the elevator more stable, and the wall must be barrier-free and flat.

Combining the conditions of the three types of freight elevators, we can conclude that the walls on which the freight elevators are installed must be flat and free of obstacles in order to raise and lower the freight elevator safely.