If you are hesitating to buy a self-propelled scissor lift for your business, do not miss the chance. We have launched a big sales promotion which lasts for a month, from 15th September to 15th October, for this kind of lift to celebrate our National Day, an honest way to return our customers, former or future.

But how many discounts will you get? Take our self-propelled scissor lift model SPS-3 as an example, the original cost is $6,299/set, and the discounted price is $5,699/set now, $600 discount for each set! For those who buy three or more sets, more discounts will be given according to order and service details.
electric scissor lift In China, festivals and holidays are conventionally the best reason for discount in all works of life, let alone that the National Day is one of the biggest days for our country. Price is lower, but our product quality and service will not be discounted.

Our factory focuses on durable quality, stable safety and pragmatic efficiency of the self propelled man lift. Each screw and joint in the scissor structure are connected tightly to ensure the scissor lift platform won’t sway when working on the uneven ground or in windy weather. High-grade steel material and components, scientific force analysis calculation and coordinated machine design all make it possible that our battery powered scissor lift platform can work stably and safely in diverse work places.

self-propelled scissor lift

As the lift is used to elevate workers to implement aerial maintenance or construction work, workers’ safety is the first priority of the whole work. Hence user-friendly control system on both the platform and chassis offers 2 control solutions, by which operation of lifting, lowering, emergency drop, moving and turning can all be easily achieved.

Here is a video to help you learn more about how to operate our self-propelled scissor man lift:

If you are interested in it, please contact us for more information. And we also have scissor lift table, goods lift, home elevator, car lift and loading dock ramp used for a range of goods handling work and lifting jobs, which all have good price during the promotion period.