Having been engaging in mobile loading dock ramp manufacturing and exporting practices for more than a decade, we have experienced that the shipping cost would always rise up at the end of year, so that importers had to pay more money for the goods.

Different kinds of sales peaks can account for it. The black Friday sales, Christmas & new year’s promotion all contribute to the much higher shipping cost in the end of the year. And this year’s sales peak is running to us in an inevitable way. So we remind 2 points to help you save shipping cost of importing a container loading dock ramp.

1. More Sets, More Savings.

If you buy one set of loading dock ramp only, a container’s shipping cost has to be paid, even though there is more space remained. Actually a 40h container can load 2 sets of our mobile loading dock ramps, as picture shows below.

container ramp

As recently our newly-designed yard ramp has been released, we prepared preferential price for the product and shipping solution. Its optimum and high-strength ramp structure makes it possible that a 40h container can hold 5 sets of this new loading ramp. Also paying only one container’s shipping cost for 5 ramps. Besides the order price will be discounted greatly if you order this combo.

loading ramp

If one or two loading ramps are enough for your business, we recommend you introduce your business partners or friends to us, from which you can also achieve discounted product price and saved shipping cost.

2. Order Now, Save Earlier.

As mentioned before, the rising shipping cost is not far away from now, so do not delay your purchase plan any further. Make sure your work need, confirm the yard loading ramp details earlier, and seize the chance.

For product information about our mobile loading dock ramps, please visit our website or directly contact us.