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Instruction of car hydraulic lift

MORN four post car hydraulic lift is widely used to lift the cars between floors of the building or garage.

It can work both indoors and outdoors. It provides fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to mezzanines, basement, and any levels in multistoried building


Load capacity, lifting height, platform size and power supply could be customized based on customers’ requirements.

Preparation Before Starting

  1. Check whether the equipment is within the qualification period.
  2. Check whether the equipment is in good condition and the air pressure is normal.
  3. Check whether the power supply of the equipment is grounded and whether the voltage or current reaches the normal value.
  4. Check whether the operating buttons are normal, and clean up the tools and debris in the working area.
  5. Check whether the chain and steel wire rope are normal and whether they maintain sufficient lubrication.
  6. Check whether the expansion bolts or anchor bolts on the base are loose, and strengthen and adjust in time to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.
  7. Check whether the oil volume in the oil tank reaches the allowable value for normal operation of the equipment.

Boot Steps

  1. Turn on the power of the device.
  2. Before using the lift for the first time every day, check the no-load operation.
  3. Lower the lift arm to the lowest position before driving the car in, with the parking space facing the aisle.
  4. Adjust the pallet to make the height consistent, move the support arm to a suitable position for the supported vehicle, and then rotate the four rubber pallets to make them equal to the body position, and then press the up button.
  5. When the car is 10-15cm above the ground, stop lifting and check whether the fulcrums are firm and the car is stable. After confirming the safety, you can continue to work.
  6. When the car rises with the supporting arm, observe the working condition of the safety hook at any time to avoid jamming.
  7. When the car rises to the required height, release the up button to stop the ascent.

Shutdown Steps

  1. Clean up the tools and debris under the arm bridge to ensure that all personnel are in a safe state.
  2. Open the pressure reducing valve at both ends and press the down button to slowly lower the car to the ground.
  3. Cut off the power supply of the control box.

Attention Matter

  1. Always keep the body and surrounding environment clean.
  2. The equipment must be operated by trained personnel.
  3. The lifted car shall not exceed 3,500 kg
  4. The lift is only used for lifting vehicles. It is not allowed to be used for other lifting, not to mention heavy lifting to prevent damage to the lead screw.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the car during the lifting process.
  6. If an abnormality is found during the lifting process, stop using it immediately and ask the relevant technicians to repair it.
  7. The lifted vehicle must be put back or close to the ground before leaving get off work, and it is strictly forbidden to support it overnight.
  8. Cut off the power immediately after use
  9. After the daily work, the lift must be raised 10-15cm above the ground, and the lift must be lowered before daily work to ensure good lubrication of the lift.
  10. Inject 50# engine oil once a week on the screw rod and track where the boom moves, and fill the screw oil pool with engine oil, so that the oil level does not overflow.
  11. Check and adjust the tightness of the transmission chain wire rope once every two weeks on Monday, and clean the dust and debris in the chain groove.
  12. Check the wear of the lifting nuts monthly, and replace the lifting nuts every two years. Check the lubricating oil on the first working day of each month, add oil in time, replace the lubricating oil every two months, and fill the lift with grease.
  13. On the first Monday of each quarter, check whether the expansion bolts or anchor bolts on the base are loose, and strengthen and adjust in time to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.
  14. The chain or wire rope should be replaced once every three years.

Maintenance of Hydraulic System

  1. Cleaning and oil change

After the lift is put into use for the first time for six months, the hydraulic oil tank should be cleaned and the oil should be replaced, and the hydraulic system should be cleaned and replaced once a year.

  1. Replace the seals After the lift is put into use for a period of time, if oil leakage is found, it should be carefully checked; if the leakage is caused by the wear of the sealing material, it should be replaced in time according to the original specifications.

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