Introduction to MORN loading dock ramp:

The mobile loading dock ramp is a very useful material handling equipment that works with forklift. It is widely used in places where there is no fixed loading and unloading platform and frequent material handling work exists. Its work height can be adjusted easily to fit for the height of containers or trucks. With this auxiliary loading device, the forklift can be directly driven into the interior of the container for batch operations.

Applications of container ramp:

The mobile container ramp adopts manual hydraulic lifting power, which requires only one worker to operate the equipment and can achieve the height adjustment quickly without external power supply. Thus it brings safe and fast loading and unloading of goods. Movable dock levelers are widely used as cargo handling equipment to work with transportation facilities including containers, trucks, forklifts or trolleys. Such versatile container ramp can be seen in many workplaces like warehouses, factories, stations, docks and logistics bases where materials are gathered and needs to be transferred to other places.

mobile loading dock ramp

Components of loading dock ramp:

The main components of our mobile yard ramp include: lip plate, guide plate (tail plate), bridge ramp plate, horizontal working platform, hydraulic system (cylinder, manual hydraulic pump, oil tank), wheels, hauling parts, manual hydraulic supporting legs, safety fences, safety locking hooks, etc. These components work cooperatively with each other to reduce the labor intensity of workers and increase the loading and unloading efficiency exponentially. Therefore much operation cost can be saved, and the enterprises can obtain more profits. According to the loading capacity, the standard mobile loading ramps can be divided into: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 20 tons with full hydraulic driven power, simple operation and reliable safety. If you have special work needs that require custom loading capacity or platform dimension, our engineers can also provide customization services for you.

custom loading dock ramp

High-quality raw materials:

The long-axis connection between the lip plate and the platform of the mobile dock leveler ensures high strength and reliability of the whole ramp. Imported seals are used to ensure good sealing performance of the hydraulic system. With the modular power unit, the pump station, solenoid valve and overflow valve have high integration and longer service life. The high-strength U-shaped beam design guarantees long-term and high-load operation without deformation. Moreover, high-strength and anti-skid steel grids are used to manufacture the ramp platform, which effectively offers more frictional forces in rainy and snowy days and prevent forklifts from slipping. Besides, our yard loading ramp can be equipped with a pair of manual hydraulic supporting legs to ensure the safety of workers who enter the bottom of the platform to perform maintenance work. Also these two supporting legs can hold the ramp firmly when not in use.

container ramp

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