How to choose the hydraulic oil of small car lift better in summer

In summer, the maximum outdoor temperature can reach above 30℃. Although the temperature is high, it is the peak period for the use of the small car lift. With high frequency of use, the wear between the components will naturally increase. Do a good job of lubricating the components of the small car lift. It can ensure the good operation of the equipment and prolong the service life of the components. The editor of MORN lift will explain the summer lubrication requirements of the small car lift.. I hope to help you:

hydraulic oil of small car lift

  1. Thesmall car liftuses different lubricants in different seasons. N32 lubricants should be selected in hot and high temperature environments, and N46 lubricants should be used when the working temperature is below zero degrees Celsius.
  2. When replacing the lubricating oil of the small car lift, the model should be the same as the original model. The mixed use of different models of lubricating oil will seriously affect the performance of the lubricating oil. During the oil change process, the worm gear should be cleaned with the same brand of lubricating oil during operation after heating.
  3. Standard for the amount of lubricating oil added: fill the vernier plug of the reducer body with lubricating oil that overflows.
  4. When the small car liftis used for the first time, new lubricating oil should be replaced in time after 100 hours of operation. In the future operation of the equipment, the quality of the lubricating oil should be checked regularly. If the lubricating oil is deteriorated or mixed with impurities, it must be replaced immediately, otherwise, it will cause serious wear of the equipment.
  5. Under normal circumstances, the lubricating oil needs to be replaced every 6-8 months for the long-term continuous working lifting platform, and it can be replaced every 10 months if the working time is not more than 8 hours per day.
  6. The small car liftshould be carefully cleaned regularly every year. If the parts are not obviously damaged, do not disassemble for maintenance.
  7. When lubricating the small car lift, you can also check whether the connection of the parts is loose. If there is looseness, it should be tightened immediately to prevent potential safety hazards.
  8. During the lifting operation of the small car lift, if the temperature of the lubricating oil exceeds 100°C or abnormal noise is generated, stop using it immediately and check the cause, and continue using it only after troubleshooting.

In the hot summer, electricity demand across the country is very large, especially in some industrial areas, where large quantities of machines need electricity to run, and there are often insufficient power consumption and power outages, and the use of elevators during work requires Pay special attention to the voltage phenomenon. The small car lift is currently widely used, and more or less different problems occur in use. Today, MORN LIFT editor mainly focuses on the use of small car lift in summer to pay attention to voltage instability. Let’s briefly introduce you to what harm it causes.

scissor car lift for lifting cars

Pay attention to the hazards caused by unstable voltage when using small car lift in summer. The lifting platform we use is driven by electric power, so this requires us to ensure sufficient voltage when using it, so as to ensure its smooth operation, but sometimes the voltage will be unstable during operation What are the hazards?

  1. Burn out various electrical components in the operation box.
  2. It may cause damage to the power unit.
  3. The motor is burned out, which reduces the pressure of the equipment in an instant, resulting in a reduction in equipment.
  4. Unable to control the equipment, so there is no way to use the equipment normally.

When we use the small car lift, we must ensure that the voltage is sufficient, so as to prevent this phenomenon from happening. This ensures our work efficiency on the one hand, and at the same time guarantees the safety.