This post aims to provide answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions about installing, using and maintaining goods lifts. We hope you find this post helpful. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Q1: If I decide to get a goods lift how long will I have to wait to install it?

A: Your new goods lift will have a lead time for the manufacture of your bespoke requirements. Once delivered, the lift can be installed well in just a few days. You may need builders work before installation depending on where your lift is positioned.

goods lift

Q2: Do I need to build a lift shaft?

A: It depends on the installation site and safety requirements. Our vertical goods lifts can be supplied structure-supported so there would only be a need to build an enclosure that is not load bearing. The enclosure guards the machinery – the working parts of the lift.

Q3: Can I travel in the lift?

A: If you need to travel with your goods, you will require an attendant controlled lift with controls inside the lift.

Q4: I’m concerned I have limited space. How do the doors open on a goods lift?

A: Goods lifts come with a choice of door configurations. At MORN, we offer hinged doors to give the largest opening, or concertina doors that fold back either outside or within the lift apperture to save space in front of the lift.

Q5: I have reduced space at the upper floor of my building. Is this a problem?

A: There are reduced headroom goods lifts for most situations and reduced pit models too.

Q6: How do you recommend I load the lift?

A: Ideally spread your load evenly from the centre of the lift car outwards and then upwards. An even load means the cargo lift will be operated more efficiently and your goods are secure. A pump-truck or sack-truck may assist the loading.

Q7: What happens if my lift breaks down?

A: New lift equipment will be covered by a 5-year guarantee on the main structure. Our technical team is also ready to offer online and on-site door-to-door service to each user – so a MORN engineer is never far away.

Q8: I need access to a mezzanine level. Can this be provided via a lift?

A: You can certainly use a lift to access a mezzanine. You can install a goods-only or attendant-controlled lift depending on the nature of your goods and the function of the mezzanine level. Our structure- supported goods lift platforms are ideal and customizable.

Q9: Do goods lifts have similar operating controls to like passenger lifts?

A: The operating switches for goods-only lifts are on the landing entrances of the lift. You can send or call the lift from each landing. If you need to travel with goods then there will be additional constant-pressure operating buttons inside the lift too.

vertical cargo lift

Q10: I have low flight of stairs in my premises that can be avoided via a ramp but still makes moving pallets of goods so physically demanding. Is there a product that can provide a solution?

A: Platform goods lifts can be installed to overcome a change in levels of up to 1.5 meters. This is an investment that saves time, money and potential injury to staff as well as improving customer service.