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According to the definition of elevators in the “Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations” issued by the country in 2003, “regulations” define elevators as follows: elevators refer to power driven, using boxes running along rigid tracks or running along fixed lines Steps, mechanical and electrical equipment for hydraulic Cargo Lifting or transporting people and goods in parallel. There is an essential difference between elevators and elevators. The “power drive” in the list is the essential difference between elevators and elevators. The elevator uses the traction machine as the power to act on the steel wire rope to pull vertically along the rigid track to complete the hydraulic Cargo Lifting action. In theory, the steel wire rope has a breaking factor and must have corresponding safety protection facilities such as safety gear and speed limiter. The elevator is hydraulically powered by a cylinder to perform vertical hydraulic Cargo Lifting along the rigid track to complete the hydraulic Cargo Lifting action. The biggest difference between elevator and elevator is speed. The elevator uses hydraulic technology while the elevator uses the motor speed.


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More and more production companies need to transport heavier goods to high-rise workshops in the actual production process. Due to the heavier goods, the transportation height is generally 2-3 floors. If you choose to install a freight elevator, The cost of the elevator itself is too high, and it also increases the construction cost of the elevator shaft and machine room. In this situation, most manufacturers will choose to install a hydraulic Cargo Lift instead of a freight elevator. The hydraulic Cargo Lift not only has the function of vertical hydraulic Cargo Lift, but the price is far lower than the price of the hydraulic Cargo Lift, and there is no strict requirement on the hoistway. There is even no need for a hoistway, which further saves construction costs.

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hydraulic Cargo Lift and elevators have some common features, and there are essential differences in power drive. Elevators rely on steel wire ropes to perform top-down traction, and elevators rely on oil cylinders to perform bottom-up hydraulic Cargo Lifting. Different power sources produce different executions. the way. There are two unsafe factors in wire rope traction, which are caused by broken rope and squatting bottom and rushing due to control failure. Corresponding safety devices must be installed to ensure its safety, and it is mandatory by the state. Since the elevator relies on the oil cylinder to perform the hydraulic Cargo Lifting from bottom to top, there is neither squatting nor topping factors, so it is also safe. At the same time, the state stipulates that the hydraulic Cargo Lift is a crane equipment, which can be used for high-altitude operations outdoors, and it is safer to install in the hoistway with a rigid track for cargo.

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Application of hydraulic Cargo Lift

1st,When using the elevator, it is usually when the volume of the object is relatively large and there are special requirements. At this time, it is difficult to use manual to hydraulic Cargo Lift or move it, so it is necessary to use the elevator to complete the work at this time .

2nd, when the working height does not exceed 25 meters, this is the height of a general elevator, but if there are special circumstances, it should be adjusted higher. The specific height depends on the situation.

3rd, for some parts with special installation positions, such as the elevator that will be used when the external air conditioner adopts the external form, both installation and maintenance should be used, so that it can effectively and safely complete high-altitude operations .

4th, it can be used when transporting goods. It can act as a for khydraulic Cargo Lift. The elevator can be used to hydraulic Cargo Lift the goods, move them, and then transport them to the design purpose. This completes the entire transportation process, which is also the main work of the elevator. An application range beyond the principle.

Seeing these application ranges, perhaps you should understand why elevator opportunities are so common, because most companies will buy such a device to repair or replace company equipment, which is very convenient to use and economical.