Hydraulic cargo lifts have many advantages and play vital roles in diverse material handling jobs, but they can suffer various failures when used improperly. Therefore, in addition to the special requirements for the design and manufacture of hydraulic devices, proper use and maintenance are also very important.

The use of advanced hydraulic system and accurate control method markedly reduces the failure rate and energy consumption of cargo lift platform. At the same time, the lowering process of hydraulic lift platform can be driven by the heavy pressure generated by itself, which can also decrease energy consumption. Such a heavy duty lift equipment cannot work without the driven power of hydraulic system. This article aims to talk a little about how to maintain and clean hydraulic devices properly, to keep good work condition of the lift.

cargo lift

1. Keep the hydraulic oil clean.

The hydraulic oil is the blood of the whole lift. It stays inside the hydraulic cylinders and is pushed in and out repeatedly to achieve the lifting and lowering of the platform. Users should ensure there is no contamination mixing with the hydraulic oil, or the smoothness and stability of lifting process will be influenced.

hydraulic system of goods lift

2. Keep the hydraulic system clean.

Hydraulic oil and filter should be replaced regularly to ensure good performance of hydraulic system. Good hydraulic fluids contain a variety of additives that can prevent the oil from deteriorating or clogging other components. However, these additives will lose their effectiveness after a period of time. Therefore, the oil should be replaced regularly to ensure that the additives work and the goods lift can perform well. The filter can only absorb a limited amount of dirt particles and other impurities from the oil. Replace the filter at the recommended intervals to keep the system clean.

3. Keep the work area clean.

  • When filling or refilling the oil tank, make sure the area around the filter box cover is clean. Use only clean oil and funnels or containers. Do not carry dirt into the oil tank.
  • When maintaining the hydraulic system, only clean plastic bulkheads should be used to seal the ends of the pipelines.
  • When maintaining hydraulic components, the work table must be absolutely clean. The maintainer must be careful to perform all maintenance jobs.

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