How to Maintain the Commercial Cargo Lifts

With the use of lifting equipment in more and more fields, the maintenance and repair of commercial cargo lifts has become a relatively common problem, which is also the focus of our attention. Next, editor invites MORN LIFT engineer to explain several maintenance notice and tip of the cargo lifts daily. We should read it carefully~

Commercial cargo lifts  is widely used for goods vertical transportation equipment, using hydraulic system, large capacity, is prominent in the lift platform. In order to protect the safety of the staff, ensure the effect of maintenance, there are a lot of attention to information the maintenance and repair process.

What are the maintenance methods of lifting equipment?

1. In order to ensure the safety of the staff, the power must be disconnected before maintenance of the lifting equipment, and the signage such as “no delivery point” or “someone working” must be hung;

2. Before starting the maintenance of the lifting equipment, all the tools used must be checked. After the maintenance, the tools should be sorted out accordingly to prevent the maintenance tools from missing in the distribution box inside the equipment;

3. When the lifting equipment overhaul needs to enter into the internal work of the platform, after the lifting of the guide rail platform, the working table of the lifting platform must be fixed and supported firmly by a crane or other equipment before the equipment can work;

4. The grounding wire shall not be disconnected during maintenance. If necessary, power transmission shall be carried out after the completion of maintenance;

5. When replacing the parts of the equipment, make sure that the parts are in good condition and of the same type, such as valves, seals and other articles should be put in dry and dust-free materials. After the overhaul, check whether the overhaul tool is complete, fill in the overhaul record, and count the number of people.

cargo lift installation

What are the maintenance points for repairing the lifting platform?

1. When repair and maintenance, lift platform should fall to the bottom of the pit, and power failure. When the platform needs to be raised for repair and maintenance, the power should be cut off, and measures should be taken to fix and firmly lift the platform table to prevent the table from falling accidentally. When high-altitude operation is required, fasten seat belts and take necessary safety precautions.

2. Check every hydraulic pipe joints, fasteners and so on once a week whether there is loosening, found loose should be fastened.

3. Long-term deactivation (more than one month), check and no-load test should be carried out before trial.

4. Every six months cleaning oil pump oil filter and solenoid valve filter particle network.

5. During the replacement or maintenance of hydraulic components, the elevator should be cleaned around, the components cleaning, blowing and temporary sealing of the inlet and outlet oil, in the process of disassembly and assembly can not bump damage components, dust, solid matter, water into the hydraulic oil system is strictly prohibited.

6. Add lubricating grease to chain and wire rope once a month, the specific time is adjusted according to the site environment.

7. Check the oil cylinder, pump station, hydraulic pipeline and joint oil leakage before each succession, any problems should contact the maintenance personnel to repair.

8. Replace the AC contactor once a year, when used frequently, the replacement time should be shortened.

9. when the wire rope breaks or the chain breaks, the guide rail or the platform tilts, the motor sound is abnormal or other abnormal phenomenon, the operation should be stopped, and the maintenance personnel should be contacted in time to carry out the maintenance.

For the use of modern commercial cargo lifts, nothing is more than to focus on the work efficiency of this machine. In addition to its own work efficiency, not to ignore the maintenance of this kind of machinery, small make up remind everyone, as long as do a good job of maintenance work , the service life of the lift can be extended.

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