How to choose a high-quality warehouse elevator lift

Warehouse elevator lift is a kind of hoisting machinery that transports people or things straight. It also refers to equipment for straight transportation in logistics systems such as factories and automatic warehouses. The lifting platform is often equipped with different planes of transportation equipment as a connecting device for different transportation lines. Generally, hydraulic drive is used, so it is called hydraulic lifting platform.

So how to choose an excellent warehouse elevator lift?

  1. When buying elevator lift, you can’t buy it blindly. It is necessary to do a good shopping mall research and field inspection to know the company’s plan and the level of its promise. Many small planning companies in shopping malls cut corners in order to obtain surplus, thus greatly reducing the quality of lifting products. Although they will sell very cheaply, this kind of machinery does not last long and has a high risk factor. Therefore, the guide rail elevator equipment manufacturer expressed that as a purchaser, he could not covet a small price and cause a greater regret.
  2. Synthesize the materials you are investigating and choose a elevator lift with a better price/performance ratio. You must choose from its parameters, practicality and versatility. There are usually many types of lifting machines, including (vehicle-mounted, rail-mounted, hydraulic, shear Fork type, etc.) Each parameter and use are slightly different, but there are also many functions that are similar. Therefore, as a customer, you have to purchase with a purpose, that is, what do you want to buy a lifting mechanical type, and Which type of lifting machinery can meet your needs and be more useful.
  3. After the equipment arrives, when unpacking inspection, check whether the random materials are intact, whether the random accessories, things, and accessories are the same as the list, whether the equipment and accessories are damaged, shortcomings, etc., and make unpacking inspection records.
  4. When users choose to purchase warehouse elevator lift, they also need to grasp the corresponding methods and skills. Only the correct and reasonable choice can ensure that the production power is increased during the application process. We can also see which products can bring more in the application process The advantages.
  5. To ensure that the entire cargo delivery process can also exert a better use effect. Nowadays, the brand effect deepens the hearts of customers. Usually when we choose to buy products, we can also see which product is recognized in the entire mall higher.
  6. After understanding the quality of the product in detail, you can better choose the warehouse elevator lift. It can bring more speed in the whole process of transporting goods and increase the overall production power. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good quality product.
  7. Products with reasonable prices can not only be liked and recognized by more people, but we can also see the quotations offered by different manufacturers at the time of purchase, and we can choose products that meet the requirements after comparison and selection.
  8. In the market, there are many product types and models of elevator lift, so when we choose to buy, we can not only choose according to the place of use, but also see whether the manufacturer’s product quality is better or whether it is in practice. In the process of application, whether the price of the product itself is reasonable.

Precautions for custom warehouse elevator lift equipment

  1. The warehouse elevator lift can be customized according to the actual size of the opening, lifting height, and load capacity. The power source adopts electric hydraulic pump station as the main power, which is driven by heavy-duty chain and steel wire rope, and the steel wire rope adjusts the balance to ensure the absolute safety of the machine operation to achieve the purpose of equipment lifting.
  2. The load capacity can reach 100 tons, the upper and lower floors are interactively interlocked, and the lifting height is high, and the maximum height can be up to 21 meters. The hydraulic lift freight elevator adopts side-mounted oil cylinders or double-sided oil cylinders, which run smoothly, without noise, and convenient for maintenance. Long service life.
  3. It can be lowered manually when the power is cut off, and the emergency stop button is designed, which is convenient, fast and practical. The depth of the pit is generally 15cm-30cm, and the height of the top floor is not limited. Each floor and lifting table can be set with operation buttons to realize multi-point control, safe and convenient, and save space.
  4. Finally, there is the problem of the installation cycle of the warehouse elevator lift.

The warehouse elevator lifts that are not installed in the hoistway, such as installation sites such as steel structure workshops, will have a much faster installation speed. Generally, the installation can be completed in about three to five days without special circumstances.

In addition to this, if it is installed in the hoistway, it often takes five to seven days to install, basically the entire product installation can be completed. Of course, for warehouse elevator lift with hoistways, the installation speed will be much faster if multiple people are installed.

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