Due to the budget or other factors, some practitioners have the tendency to buy an used container loading dock ramp for their business. Compared with buying a new one, buying a used loading dock ramp usually brings more risks to later practice and investment. Thus if you have decided to do so, please try to figure out the following 5 questions as an evaluation reference.

1. Does the used loading dock ramp still have good quality and performance?

Whether you buy an used yard ramp or a new one, good quality and performance are always the fundamental elements that have to be considered. Having served for a period of time, the used yard ramp should be tested whether its components and work performance are still in good condition. Otherwise, you will be troubled by frequent problems and maintenance.


2. Whether its warranty is expired or not.

Warranty is an additional service attached to the machine itself. If the used container dock ramp has exceeded the warranty period, it’s not recommended to buy it at risk, unless you do not care about it. On the contrary, an used yard ramp which is under the warranty period can make you feel more reassured about future use.


3. Did any accident happen to the used yard ramp?

Before buying an used loading dock ramp, consult clearly whether any accident has happened to it in the past. If any, check out if it resulted from the bad quality of the equipment or man-made elements, based on which, the bad quality can convince you to give up the used yard ramp.


4. Will the manufacturer continue offering after sales service for you?

If you buy the used loading dock ramp, make sure whether its manufacturer will continue providing after sales service and technical support for you, the new owner. This another guarantee for you.

after sales support

5. Is the used equipment worth the money you pay?

Although the used loading dock ramp usually costs less, do think about whether it’s worthwhile for your business. Also check out how much money you will spend on the maintenance and other matters, after all, getting convenience and returns from it is the ultimate goal of you.