What are the Specification of mobile scissor lift ?

Hydraulic mobile scissor lift brings convenience to people’s work. Suitable used for aerial installation & maintenance of the working sites without power supply and with smooth working grounds, such as hotels, grand hall, sport stadium, large factory, workshops, warehouse.

The operating platform is protected by guardrail, and there are specially manufactured hinge connections between the guardrail, It has a very high stability.

The operating platform is provided with anti-slip strip, which can ensure the safety of workers.

Platform equipped with control box, operation is very easy and convenient. Including Emergency drop valve, Up and Down.

Each control button has the instruction mark. Open the sky operate the button,  drop valve to ensure work safety.voltage gauge show the voltage for convenient checking. STOP button to protect the machine when work over.

Specification for the use of mobile scissor lifting platform

In order to ensure safe use and keep this equipment in good working condition, this operating procedure is specially formulated.

  1. The operator should learn the instructions for using the mobile hydraulic lifting platform, and be familiar with its performance, structure and operation methods.
  2. Check whether the power cord and the inlet and outlet wires of the electrical control box are in good condition.
  3. Insist on whether the travel switch is invalid (push the travel switch by hand to confirm the action of the switch) and whether the buttons are valid.
  4. Check whether there is oil leakage in the oil pipeline.
  5. Check whether the nuts at the intersections on the folding boom and the connecting points of the work platform safety guardrail are tight.
  6. Place the lifting platform after passing various inspections of appearance and performance, and make sure that there is no obstruction on the lifting platform.
  7. Support the outriggers, adjust the outrigger bolts to keep the lifting platform level, and then lock the outrigger positioning bolts.
  8. Turn on the power supply and ensure that the power cord is placed safely. After the indicator light is on, test the drive for 3 times and start working normally.
  9. When using, at least two people must operate this equipment to ensure that one person works and the other is safe.
  10. Work according to the specified load, and strictly prohibit overloading.
  11. The legs must be supported when the lifting platform is working.
  12. Do not move the lifting platform during the working process and when in the rising position.
  13. During the lifting and lowering of the platform, the staff on the platform must squat down to keep their body lower than the safety guardrail. After the lifting is completed and the safety guardian is signaled to stop, they can start working.
  14. It is strictly forbidden to make violent artificial shaking on the working platform, and it is strictly forbidden to play around when working with many people.
  15. During the lifting and lowering of the platform, it is strictly forbidden to touch the folding boom with body and other objects to avoid pinching.
  16. During the lifting and lowering of the platform, the safety guardian must ensure that no other people pass by in the working range, and take isolation measures around the platform to avoid injury from falling objects from high altitude.
  17. It is strictly forbidden to carry out extra-routine live working on the workbench.
  18. If the safety guardian finds that the working pressure of the lifting platform is too high or the sound is abnormal, they should immediately stop the lifting operation and ensure that the personnel on the working platform safely descend to the ground.it.

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