Every year MORNLIFT provides more than 40 goods lifts to Dubai market, for which we have rich experience on designing and manufacturing goods handling elevators to meet local users’ needs and installation conditions.

Dubai, an international metropolis and financial center in the Middle East area, assembles economies, finances, logistics, tradings, tourism and shopping malls from all over the world. It has a tremendous throughput capacity in logistics and warehousing industries each year, which nurtures the market demanding for cargo lifts.

cargo lift

MORNLIFT cargo lift in Dubai do adapt themselves well to local environment. Recently we established cooperation with a customer from Dubai, who ordered a goods lift for his newly-built warehouse, with 4.2m lifting height, 1 ton loading capacity and 1800×1600mm platform size. The goods lift has been installed successfully between ground floor and the first floor, for transporting construction materials.

We learn from this user that our goods lift now works well with smooth travel speed, precise controls and creditable safety mechanism. And he said if his business broadens, our cooperation would proceed further on goods lift elevators.

cargo lift

Actually we have professional and native goods lift installation team in Dubai. They are able to provide comprehensive technical service including installation, maintenance and annual inspection. Hence users in Dubai and even the whole Middle East area are easy to get quick, convenient and full service from local service team.

Users won’t worry about whether importing cargo elevator lifts from MORNLIFT is reliable or not, even though we are goods lift manufacturer from far-off China. Our local service team together with a number of local users all can offer positive feedback and operation experience to you. By working closely with these partners, listening to end users’ feedback, and manufacturing goods lift with strict industrial standard to meet individual work need, MORNLIFT’s lift products have won deep trust and support from worldwide users.

mornlift engineers in Dubai
MORNLIFT Engineers in Dubai

Besides, regular visit to our users is a way we collect suggestions on our lift products and help users inspect the equipment, from which we can innovate our design and manufacturing technology to enhance the quality and ability of MORNLIFT branded lift products. And the ultimate goal is that users gain benefits and convenience in work with our lifts.

More information about our goods lift details and after sales service, please feel free to contact us.