Dumbwaiter is originally a home elevator used to carry foods and dishes between floors. It brings priceless convenience for kitchens in private places and public restaurant, hotels and banquet halls. Now it gains wide popularity from common families by virtue of its role played in daily lives.

Choosing or buying a practically helpful dumbwaiter requires meticulous work. Here let’s share 5 tips on choosing a suitable dumbwaiter for home use.

food dumbwaiter

1. Understand Your Construction

Dumbwaiter elevator is installed in two-story or multi-story buildings in which it travels up and down carrying delicious cuisines and dishes between kitchen and dining room. Before choosing a food dumbwaiter, you should firstly learn the site and space dimension where it will be installed. Dumbwaiter customization can be available according to different installing environments.

2. Dumbwaiter Cost

Dumbwaiter price is not too high to be accepted. Try to think about the repeated troubles coming from serving all dishes to the families in each meal, and you will find investing a dumbwaiter is investing convenience, saving time and labor force as well.

3. Dumbwaiter Manufacturer

Dumbwaiter manufacturer is also a key to your choice. It doesn’t matter whether you buy from local manufacturer or foreign manufacturer, as long as he can provide good quality and service with good price.

4. Dumbwaiter Installation

It’s not recommended to installed the dumbwaiter by yourself unless you are professional persons. Some manufacturer offer installation service with extra charges or you can ask a favor from your technician friends.

5. Dumbwaiter Maintenance

Regular maintenance should strictly adhere to the maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer, which can keep the dumbwaiter energetic to serve your meals and cleanup. This work can be done by yourself after reading the maintenance manual carefully.

As an experienced lift machinery manufacturer, we are willing to offer you further details about dumbwaiter or other man lift and goods lift equipment. All models can be customized as per your individual need.