Dumbwaiter, as the name suppliers, is a special waiter who serves as the foods and utensils mediator in kitchens of restaurant, schools and private buildings. It was invented by George W. Cannon in 1883 and after more than a hundred years of evolution and development, dumbwaiter elevator now has been an essential tool in modern kitchens of restaurants which take up several floors or even a whole building.


This article will give a brief introduction on dumbwaiters in the following 3 aspects.

1.Basics of Dumbwaiter.

Being made of stainless steel, dumbwaiter performs pretty well in the respect of not suffering from fire, waterlogging, greasy dirt and rust. Also, this kitchen lift can keep the fresh taste and temperature during the transferring process from kitchen to the dinning tables.


2. Installation and operation.

During the construction of the restaurants, a pit that is suitable for installing a kitchen lift should be reserved in advance. And the design of opening side and landing doors can be customized according to individual installing conditions and need. The installation service of dumbwaiter can be provided by dumbwaiter manufacturers who will also teach customers how to operate the equipment at the same time. In order to reduce cost, you can choose to install it personally, and you just need to fix the lift on the pit and have a trial running.


3. Advantages of Dumbwaiter.

Firstly, faster elevating speed ensures that customers won’t wait for their foods for a long time, promoting restaurant’s service and reducing customers’ complains. Secondly, kitchen lift can replace the work of the many waiters or waitresses who are mainly responsible for serving dishes. So less labor cost and more profits will be achieved by the restaurants. Lastly, dumbwaiter lift improves the efficiency of kitchen work which directly promotes the whole restaurant’s service and running efficiency.


More details about dumbwaiter will be described on the linked website where you will find more lift equipment in addition to dumbwaiter. And if any questions, please feel free to contact us.