Hello world! My name is Goods Lift, or Cargo Lift, and this is my story.cargo lift

Part 1 Birthday

On the day of Sept. 10, 2016, I was born in a Chinese suburban factory where, as per the production plans, workers assembled and welded my body structure together with steel, but they never know I have thoughts and memories. Also, the considerate workers smoothed my skin and colored me with orange coating. Yes, I admit I like the garment deeply, at least I’m not naked and even handsome of some sorts. Another surprise is that they filled my stomach, the hydraulic cylinders, with hydraulic oil, which made me vigorous. Full and satisfied, I was carried to a warehouse and workers then went away. And I guessed it’s time to have a little nap, so I just fell into the daydream and didn’t know what will happen later.

Part 2 Twist of Fate

As a vertical goods lift, I have an ambition that to save the world just like the Iron Man, or just make contributions to people’s lives. But when I woke up from the nap, things were totally changed beyond my expectation. I was completely trapped in plastic films round and round, stifling and tight. My arms and legs cannot move and I was controlled like a puppet. What’s worse, those workers threw me into a large wooden case in which I lay in standstill and darkness. I learned from the workers’ conversation that I would be shipped from China to a very far place, America, across the Pacific. Without my permission, I, together with the wooden case, were firstly loaded in the container and then freighter, which took almost one month to finish the journey on the ocean. Thanks to my legal identifications and certificates, the customs let me enter the destination, port of Miami, also a strange place for me.

cargo lift

vertical lift table

Part 3 Settle Down

This destination was actually a new start for me in a new country. There, a group of local workers carried me by truck to a big factory where I was unloaded from the truck and the wooden case, my armature, was also removed. I smelled the fragrance of freedom. With the plastic films being torn down, I could see American workers who spoke different language and had different appearance with that of Chinese workers. Amazing world! Then they lifted me up, measured my body structure, and began installing me against the wall. It really hurt when my arms and legs were nailed up over the wall. But I was strong enough to bear the ache that reminded me my mission and ambition. After 2 days’ installation, I leaned tightly against the wall, and in the test running, my belly, the platform, worked well to load goods up and down. All workers applauded for my performance and for their installing work.

Part 4 The Final

Although I had dreamed to make a great difference to the world like the Iron Man, I feel satisfied to do my daily loading and unloading jobs now as a responsible cargo lift. What gives me sense of achievement is that I bring convenience and safety to people, with higher efficiency and lower cost.

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