People with restricted mobility in particular cause major problems just a few steps. Going into a building “just for a moment” is difficult, sometimes even impossible. Wheelchair users in particular are often faced with insurmountable obstacles. To make things easier for those affected, there are vertical platform lifts (also referred to as wheelchair lifts or handicap lifts) from MORNLIFT.

Vertical Platform Lift

The Vertical Platform Lifts from MORNLIFT effortlessly adapt to height differences of up to six meters, both indoors and outdoors. Due to their small footprint (no shaft required), our vertical platform lifts can be installed in new buildings just as easily as they can be retrofitted in existing properties. Depending on which type you choose, the doors can be arranged opposite one another or at a corner, and the lift can be used with a remote control.

The lift cabin can be designed with straight through access or adjacent access to adapt to different landing floor access requirements.

Straight through vertical platform lift

wheelchair lift

Adjacent access vertical platform lift

Vertical Platform Lift For Every Application 1

The vertical platform lift (VPL) can be operated by wall-mounted push buttons or remote controls. To maximize its safety, it will not travel up or down unless its cab gate is closed.

Each of our models can be customized to increase loading capacity, height, or whatever the customer’s needs.

Safe To The Top With Vertical Platform Lifts From MORNLIFT

So differences in height between 0 and 3000 mm are no longer an obstacle with our vertical platform lift. Whether they are installed indoors or outdoors, thanks to their small footprint, they can be installed almost anywhere without making minor changes to the building-even afterwards.

Our platform lifts are provided with all safety-relevant additional equipment. Every platform lift from MORNLIFT therefore has an emergency stop button and a railing or non-slip floor. It also has safety sensor on the bottom of platform. The lift will stop once the bottom touches any obstacles when going down, this will also protect kids who enters working area accidentally.

Vertical Platform Lift Application

The VPL is specially engineered to increase the mobility of people who are disabled and cannot travel from floor to floor within a home or building. It eliminates the obstacles that come with climbing the stairs and raises or lowers them so they have access to the basement, balcony, and higher floors within the home.

Individually: dimensions on request, everything as required.

vertical platform lift

Waterproof: can be used anywhere in any weather

veritical platform lift

Transparent: glass cabin walls for more “perspective”

vertical platform lift

Safety is the top priority with our lifting platforms. For example, the emergency stop button, a non-slip floor and a surrounding platform railing come as standard. It is also possible to equip the lift with an emergency call system.

Driven by a spindle drive, our lifting platforms-depending on the type-reach a speed of 0.06 or 0.08 meters/second.

Buy a Vertical Platform Lift from MORNLIFT

If you would like further information about our hydraulic lifts or have questions about the product, please do not hesitate to click the livechat box.

The standard

Use indoors and outdoors

Low space requirements (no shaft pit and no shaft head)

Safety devices available (dead man’s control, emergency stop button, railing, non-slip floor, etc.)

220-240V Single-phase 10A power connection

250 kg maximum payload

Low cost

A question of type

The doors can be arranged around the corner

Remote control

Euro key suitable