Hello everybody. Welcome to our website. Today we will take all of you to have a look at our star product – vertical mast man lift.

When comes to aerial work platform, what is we care about most? Yes, it is safety. Then this is the first strength I want to show you. Our aluminum mast lift is designed with American advanced structure, which are completely superior to other domestic aluminum mast lift. Therefore, our products are highly competitive.

First, our products are equipped with stronger outrigger legs and adopt better outrigger fixation. Insert-type aluminum alloy outrigger leg has larger stressed area, and has more contact area with the lift body, so it is more stable when working. Some clients may worry about flipping over, this design can better fix the lift on the ground, so it never flip over even the platform rises to its maximum height. Besides, this product is equipped with interlock outrigger indicators to prevent carelessness. The lift could be operated only after the four outrigger are well assembled and the lights show green. Otherwise, it won’t run. And insert-type aluminum alloy outrigger leg has larger stressed area , so it is more stable when working. Second, the width of mast determines the shaking condition after the platform is raised. Our product adopts 200mm high-strength aluminum alloy ultra wide mast to ensure smaller shaking of the operation platform. Finally, our aluminum mast lift is equipped with double hand operation system. There are two button on the control panel, we have to hold the green button and turn the black button clockwise to rise the lift platform. When we want to lower the platform, we also need hold the green button and turn the black button counterclockwise.

Besides safety, convenience is also critical important. Considering this issue, our engineers added two auxiliary mobile wheels to make it move more easily on tough ground. And follow my hand, you can see four small wheels on the body, this is also a strength of our products. They are called truck loading wheels. It is very easy for a man to load the lift onto a truck with these four wheels.

So, I believe that after my explanation and your most intuitive feelings, you must have a general understanding of our products. Contact us through email, we will provide more details.