When you buy a goods lift, you must be promised a warranty for several years from the goods lift manufacturers. This, of course, is a great welfare and benefit for you as you can feel reassured when using the goods lifts. But some careless users thus neglect the regular examination and maintenance on the goods lifts, which may accumulate safety hazards and risks with time going by. So this post intends to give some recommendations on how to install and maintain the goods lifts to double ensure your safety use.

1. Installation Requirementindoor goods lift

Goods lifts can be installed both in indoor and outdoor places where there is a spacious room to contain the lift equipment. For indoor installation, a pit can be chosen to enhance the steadiness of the lift. And the pit should has a safe distance from people to prevent the goods from hitting people. If you didn’t prepare the pit for the goods lift platform in advance, you can install the goods lift against the wall. Also if the goods lift needs to go through the hoistway, make sure the hoistway in each floor stays away from the gates or corridors where people frequently moves.

As for outdoor installation, a vertical broad wall should be chosen and the space should be spacious enough to keep a safe distance from people. In this case, pits are not needed while the goods lifts have to be mounted tightly on the wall. Guardrails are recommended to be installed around the lift platforms to prevent goods from falling down.


2.Maintenance Requirementgoods lift

Just like nurturing a plant or feeding a pet, goods lifts also need tender care so as to carry goods day by day with energetic power and strong structure. It’s a common misunderstanding that as long as the machine doesn’t break down, it can perform well all the time. Therefore, invisible safety hazards will be accumulated and triggered one day, which explains why regular maintenance and examinations are essential to users.

To maintain the good performance of goods lifts, users had better check out in a fixed period whether the hydraulic cylinders, safety devices, screws, gear chains, electric devices and other components are all in normal operation. If any subtle problems are found, immediate measures must be taken to eliminate all the risks that may lead to accidents. Besides, the condition of the wall where goods lifts are leaned against should also be examined carefully.


All in all, do not only count on the warranty from the manufacturers. It is the user who really decides whether the goods lift can work well or not in practical operation. For more details about goods lift machine, please visit out website or directly contact us today.