To learn how to operate a scissor lift appropriately, let’s first introduce some basic knowledge about scissor lift machinery. And then we will learn the specific operating instructions on scissor lifts.

How to Operate a Scissor Lift
How to Operate a Scissor Lift

What is a Scissor Lift?


As described in Wikipedia, a scissor lift is a type of platform that can usually only move vertically. The mechanism to achieve this is the use of linked, folding supports in a criss-cross “X” pattern, known as a pantograph (or scissor mechanism). This definition gives a concise description on scissor lifts and from this expression we can know that a scissor lift is able to elevate goods or man from the ground to a vertically high place, where goods are unloaded and man can implement some aerial jobs.

How to Operate a Scissor Lift
How to Operate a Scissor Lift

How to Operate a Scissor lift?


There is no denying that ground operations on machines usually have potential risks, not to mention aerial jobs. And the hidden risks behind scissor lifts would be doubled compared to general machines if lacking special and professional operations. Therefore, in the following section, specific and safe operating instructions regarding a scissor lift will be summarized according to the order of start, operation and shutdown.


  1. Whenever using a scissor lift, you must firstly inspect the machine situation and check out the work environment.


  1. Enable the power and emergency button on the control box.


  1. Enter the platform.


  1. Ensure that the scissor lift can work normally.


  1. Strictly follow the operation specified by the manufacturer when implementing your jobs.


  1. Please strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s operation and safety information in your jobs.


  1. If you stand at the platform of a scissor lift doing a painting task, please be cautious about covering up the guardrails and controllers to prevent them from being painted.


  1. After the job is completed, the platform should be fully lowered.


  1. Close all the buttons and switches.


  1. Bring back the platform.


  1. Once total tasks are finished, please clear up all devices including platform, scissor legs, hydraulic cylinders, track, control box, etc.


These operating instructions on scissor lifts can only be helpful in real practice. Every time you operate a scissor lift should keep safety in mind at the same time of pursuing a high efficient work.