What to pay attention to when using warehouse lift platform

What to pay attention to when using warehouse lift platform 1

When speaking of the warehouse lift platform, everyone should be familiar with it. Since the lifting platform, the production efficiency of the factory has increased, and the labor intensity of the workers has been reduced. Especially after the warehouse in the factory has a warehouse lift platform, there is no need to worry about heavy goods. Can’t move it up, the following warehouse lift platform manufacturer MRON LIFT will take you to understand the relevant information of the warehouse hydraulic lift platform.

Operational considerations

The operating procedures of the warehouse lift platform, the warehouse lift platform (hereinafter referred to as the platform) has been overhauled and debugged before leaving the factory, and all technical indicators have reached the design requirements. Only connect the ground wire when using. The hydraulic electrical system does not require adjustment. Before using the platform, carefully check the hydraulic and electrical systems. Do not use the platform until there is no leakage or exposure. When using the warehouse lift platform, the four legs are firmly supported on a solid ground (depending on the condition of the walking wheels off the ground), and sleepers can be used when necessary. Only after the platform has been airlifted 1-3 times can it be loaded. The center of gravity of the load should be as close as possible to the center of the workbench. The movable doors at both ends of the protective railing] should be locked before operation after death.

Pay attention to those skills

The first feature of the warehouse lift platform is that the operator can control the mechanical lifting and walking without lowering the lifting platform. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight and convenient work. Under different working conditions, the application of elevators in every corner of life will bring us objective benefits. When the platform drops due to its own weight, what are the lifting functions and application skills?, warehouse lift platform operating procedures, power off, such as oil fields, gas stations, chemical plants, etc.

Equipment explanation

The warehouse lift platform is a multifunctional lifting and loading equipment with a lifting height between 1m and 30m. We can also customize lifting tables with special specifications according to user requirements. It can be used for high-altitude operations and maintenance in factories, automated warehouses, parking lots, municipal services, docks, construction, decoration, logistics, electricity, transportation, petroleum, chemical, hotels, stadiums, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. The lifting system of the warehouse lift platform is driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called warehouse lift platform.

The above is the introduction of the relevant information about the warehouse hydraulic lift platform. I hope it can help you who are interested in it. It is not easy to choose the right one among the many products. I hope you can compare related products more, and hope you Pay more attention to the introduction of related products of MORN LIFT. If you have the right one, you can support more.