Last year, a Singapore aerial rental company made its second purchase of three sets of new Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs) from MORN LIFT. It has a very high reputation in the field of aerial lift rental. After a deep conversation with their manager, we have summarized the following points and wish they might be helpful to you.

Then how do they make success in the aerial rental market? And why do they choose MORN LIFT to be their partner?

Quality-oriented Leasing Strategy

“As we expected, our new MORN LIFT boom lifts are good examples of the high-performance, high-quality equipment that increased the value of our rental fleet,” says David. “We hope to provide our clients with high value-added products at fair prices. The important thing is to deliver high-quality, high-performance lift equipment so that our clients can complete their work more safely and efficiently. ”

Customer Satisfaction Weighs More Than Making Money

“It is of pretty important to find the optimum rental solution for each client application through the good advice of our experienced and trained team. In many cases, our clients have their own options that they want to rent, but we will figure out if this aerial lift is right for the intended job. Rather than just considering whether to rent the most expensive lift equipment, we provide a faster or more economical solution according to clients’ needs, this will pay off in terms of customer satisfaction. For us, customer loyalty counts more than turnover”, says David.

Like the recent case of a large customer, who initially wanted to rent a MORN LIFT articulating boom lift. But when their staff explained the advantages of the MORN LIFT telescopic boom lift with greater load capacity and outreach, their customer recognized that the performance of the latter is more in line with their work needs.

“After the lift equipment was rented out, the customer is very satisfied with the equipment we recommend, and the machine runs smoothly on the construction site. For us, customer satisfaction is what really counts and what has earned us a good reputation,” adds David.

Customer Loyalty Comes from Reliable Service and Support

“It’s great to know that we can count on MORN LIFT, as good partner with regard to sales, warranty and service. They’re very professional and responsive and provide us excellent support. This is the key to our close relationship with customers in different industries.” Explains Sommer.

A Promotion Rental Strategy

As a one-stop aerial lifts rental company, sales, service and training of aerial work equipment are not the only way to their success. They have a professional marketing team, they use social media and Internet platforms to communicate news, such as the introduction of new MORN LIFT equipment and their specific benefits and advantages.

This not only allows customers to know more about their company, but the characteristics and operating points of the MORN LIFT equipment have also attracted extensive attention from customers.

“ 60% of our clients come to us via word of mouth. 40% of our potential new customers approach us via our company website and social media.”

What to Consider When Entering the Aerial Lift Rental Market?

Whether you’re a start-up or an established rental company, if you are thinking of entering the aerial lift rental market, there are more things to make decisions about than just what lift equipment to order. Delivery vehicles and training are two important factors you should consider when buying aerial work platforms.

Small lift equipment, such as material lifts, electric scissors lifts, single-person mast lifts, and towable boom lift, is compact and lightweight enough to be transported by standard pickup trucks. Clients can easily take these models at the beginning of the lease and return them at the end of the contract.

However, large aerial work units will need to be transported by trailer, which requires more than just pickup trucks with hooks. At this point, your company needs to decide whether to buy pickup trucks and trailers, or whether to buy more specialized transportation tools, such as box trucks or semi-trucks with flatbed trailers.

It is better to start with small lift equipment, which will not only minimize the capital investment you need to make in the air fleet, but also your delivery vehicles. This will help you start to enter the aerial lift rental market and give you the opportunity to grow and expand your business over time.

it’s also important to utilize the manufacturer’s training programs to train your team to operate, sell, or maintain your aerial rental fleet to its full potential. MORN LIFT, for example, offers an online-based aerial work platform training program designed by the people who know the equipment best.

Train everyone on your staff, from service technicians to outside and inside sales. The more your staff knows about the equipment they are renting, the better rental partners your company will be to your customers.