Scissor lift table is a common machine that can be generally divided into 2 types. The first type is stationary scissor lift and another one is mobile scissor lift. Just as their names imply, a stationary scissor lift is installed in the pit or the ground floor to convey the loads to places of some elevation. It’s powered by the electric and hydraulic system, with which the platform moves up and down along the track. What is really convenient is that its control panels can be installed both at the designated places on the floor and on the lift platform.


As for mobile scissor lift, it’s widely used for installations and maintenance in the places like construction sites, workshops, warehouse, granary, railway stations and so forth. It’s more flexible because it can be moved easily by manual labor, from one site to another. Also its control panels can be installed both at the designated places on the floor and on the lift platform.


How to buy a scissor lift table?

Scissor lift table
Scissor Lift Table

If your business involves a large number of loading and unloading tasks, then you should buy a scissor lift table to help reduce those daunting repetitive bending and lifting movements. So that your workers will get released from tiredness and injuries, and of course, your goods can be less damaged when operated on a lift platform.


However, to buy a suitable scissor lift table is not that easy like buying a pair of shoes, for you can easily find out whether the shoes are suitable for you or not just by trying them on. It doesn’t work on machines. In order to ensure the performance of a scissor lift table, you should firstly make some investigations toward your work nature and scissor lift table suppliers before paying for it.


Here 5 considerations are provided to help you make a right choice.


  1. Make out a comprehensive plan on your purchasing purposes regarding a scissor lift. You can list all your needs and results you expect. And taking this plan as the torch of other considerations.
  1. Calculate the workloads you want the scissor lift to hold. More capacity usually means more expensive. Hence if you are considering budget, please make sure the bearing limits of the scissor lift you good scissor lift table
  1. Check the safety designs and performance of the scissor lift. Safetyis the best quality of a machine. If armed with sufficient safety devices (safety bar, lanyards, emergency button, etc.), the scissor lift will be a good assistant to decrease accidents, save time and money, and guarantee work efficiency.
  1. Pay attention to the task cycle of the scissor lift. If being well informed with this, you will arrange a more targeted schedule about using the machine, which will be good for the maintenance and longer use of the machine.
  1. Last but not least, buy from worldwide suppliers as long as the machine is good enough. There are buyers thinking that scissor lifts from reputable suppliers can absolutely meet their needs, regardless of their inflated prices. Keep a clear mind and search for what you really want.

list all your needs

Theories are just empty frames if not combined with practices. So please bring these 5 tips to choose your scissor lift in practices.