Operating rules for the safe use of cars lift

The fixed hydraulic cars lift freight elevator is a special hydraulic lift platform used to transport goods between the heights of buildings. The products are widely used in the transportation of goods in workshops, warehouses and various work shelves; cars lift between floors in garages, etc. The product has a solid structure, a large carrying capacity, a large selection of platform sizes, stable lifting, simple installation, and convenient maintenance. It is an economical and practical low-floor replacement elevator and an ideal cargo transport equipment for lifting goods.

goods lifting goods lifting

一.Cars lift have strong installation adaptability, can be installed in harsh environments and explosion-proof places;

  1. The product has a wide range of applications, suitable for cargo transportation between storeys in most industries;
  2. Flexible configuration, according to different positions and usage requirements, flexible configuration of platform size and import and export direction.
  3. Better economy, less investment and lower maintenance costs, no need to build a special computer room, saving construction budget;
  4. Safe and reliable, the pressure system is equipped with overload protection and safety valve to prevent pipeline burst, which fully guarantees the safety of operation;
  5. Easy to operate, control buttons can be set between layers and on the platform to achieve multi-point control.

In order to enable vehicles to enter and exit the underground garage vertically and steadily, and reduce the area of up and down ramps, a new type of underground garage hydraulic cars lift is designed. It is driven by a steel cable lifting system composed of 3 sets of wire rope pulleys and 2 sets of sprocket chain drives. The transmission method of the hydraulic cylinder indirectly lifting the car board solves the problem of uneven force on a large-area platform lifted by a single hydraulic cylinder, avoids the disadvantages of asynchronous multi-cylinder lifting of a large-area platform, and realizes the lifting height of The hydraulic cylinder stroke doubles the effect; the designed hydraulic system has low cost and reasonable power utilization.

Carrying goods up and down in the workshop, cars lift between the three-dimensional garage and the underground storehouse. The cars lift garage elevator is a special lifting equipment for transporting cars. It is mainly used in parking lots, car repair shops, car 4S shops, car general stores, and real estate. Vertical transportation of cars in various environments such as hotels and hotels, especially suitable for low-rise buildings. Cars lift The garage lift has wide adaptability, safe and stable lifting, fine workmanship, convenient installation and maintenance, and is an ideal vertical conveying equipment for automobiles.

二. Before using the cars lift, remove the equipment and sundries that hinder the operation of the lift, and check whether the operating handle is normal.

1. The operating mechanism is sensitive and effective, and the hydraulic system is not allowed to crawl.

2. When supporting the vehicle, the four supporting angles should be on the same plane. Adjust the height of the supporting angle rubber pad to make it contact the supporting part of the vehicle chassis.

3. When supporting the vehicle, the vehicle cannot be supported too high, and the four brackets should be locked after being supported.

4. After the lift vehicle enters, the lift support block should be adjusted and moved to align with the specified lifting point of the vehicle type.

5. Personnel should leave the vehicle when lifting, and when lifting to the required height, the safety lock pin must be inserted, and safety and reliability can be ensured before starting work under the vehicle.

6. Except for subsistence allowances and minor repairs, other cumbersome and cumbersome operations are not allowed to be operated and repaired on the lift.

7. The lift shall not rise and fall frequently.

Nine. When supporting the vehicle, the cars lift must be steady and the landing must be slow.