For most customers or prospects who are considering buying a stationary scissor lift table often confront such question that whether a dust cover should be installed with the scissor lift tables or not. Some of them are likely to give up the dust cover due to the limited budget, while some others still hesitate on the practical use of the dust cover.

scissor lift table cover

As to this question, 3 kinds of situations should be taken into considerations according to the model and application of the scissor lift tables:

Firstly, if you buy the hydraulic scissor lift table for factory production lines in which workers are stand closely near the scissor lift structures, the dust cover then should be configured as much as possible to protect the workers from incidents in work. And also to keep the scissor lift structure clean to ensure its efficient performance and working time.

Secondly, if scissor lift tables for stage use are needed, a dust cover is a must to be installed with the lift table. One of the reason is that the dust cover can prevent the dancers or players from falling into the pit where the scissor lift table is installed. And another reason is that the dust cover can decorate the hydraulic scissor lift stage with beautiful colors and images.

Lastly, dust cover is an optional configuration you can choose as per individual need. If you are particularly too budget-minded to buy a scissor lift with a dust cover that will cost more money than standard configurations, some other protective measures should be taken to the installing process of the scissor lift tables, as long as to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine and workers.

To be honest, whatever you use the scissor lift tables for, configuring a dust cover can make the operation safer and cleaner. For more detailed information about scissor lift table price and configurations, please visit the linked website or directly contact us now.