This week our two sets of 8t stationary scissor lift has been shipped to Saudi Arabia. As a routine, strict factory test on the quality and safety of these two lifts has been implemented before they left the factory. Here this post aims to give a detailed description on the process of quality and safety test of stationary scissor lift.

1. Inspections on the overall lift

The hydraulic stationary scissor lift is composed by different devices and parts which are integrated cooperatively to achieve the function of stationary scissor lift platform. Each of them has to be meticulously checked out to ensure good performance of lift, of which, the joints, bearings and screws all have to be inspected. Also the lift coating and its smoothness must meet factory standard.

scissor lift table

2. Load capacity test

In general, the safe loading coefficient accounts for 25% of the rated load capacity. To conform with this standard, each our machine will receive load test in the factory. For those that fail to meet the standard, they will be reformed or readjusted to reach the quality standard. This process relates directly to the users’ experience and safety, which is the core of of our products and service.scissor lift table

3. Electrical system and control system inspection

These two aspects decide whether the stationary goods scissor lift can be controlled and operated by the configured buttons and valves. Our factory test will be conducted to make sure the motor, hydraulic system, circuits, control box and the scissor lift platform are coordinated well to be qualified for the loading and offloading work. Only everything is in good condition, can our stationary scissor lift be shipped to overseas customers.

scissor lift table

It is the strict test standard and procedures that guarantee every customer’s safety and convenient use, as well as our profession and reputation in the industry. As a responsible stationary scissor lift manufacturer, we are pleased to help you solve goods handling problems with various lift equipment. Just contact us now!