How to properly repair and maintain warehouse goods lift

After the warehouse goods lift is installed, it will run for a period of time. In this process, there may be a small problem. We need to pay attention to the following points in daily maintenance, which will improve the warehouse goods lift Life. Reduce maintenance costs. Next, Jinan Sinicmech machinery co.,ltd discusses the maintenance method of warehouse goods lift.

cargo lift installedWire rope replacement

One of the components of the rail equipment of the warehouse goods lift is the steel wire rope, which plays a balancing role. As the platform moves up and down, there will be a certain amount of wear. Here, MORN Machinery recommends

Most users change the wire rope once every time and apply lubricant to extend the service life of the wire rope.

Replace hydraulic oil

Warehouse goods lift are hydraulic equipment, which requires hydraulic oil to drive the platform up and down. If the hydraulic oil flows for a long time, it may cause lifting failure. Therefore, after the equipment is installed, the manufacturer will communicate

To know when to replace the hydraulic oil, the user must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent damage to the elevator hydraulic system and make it unusable.


Add lubricating oil

The details of lubricants may be overlooked by many customers. The MORN company also visited many customers and found that some customers have not used lubricants for several years. Some customers will say that I can still use it. why

Why is it so troublesome? So what benefits does Jinan sinicmech machinery co.,ltd tell you about lubricating oil? We usually use lubricating oil in some parts of the equipment, such as clamps, guide rails, chains and wire ropes, because these parts

The wear is serious, and the lubricant can better reduce the degree of wear, so that the elevator equipment has fewer problems.

These are common maintenance points for rail hydraulic lifts. As long as these tasks are done well, the service life of the lift will be extended

Daily safety inspection items of hydraulic elevator electrical equipment

  • . Inspection of warehouse goods lift Check whether the motor base and shell are intact; whether the motor base is installed firmly and whether the motor vibrates during operation; check whether the motor fan is damaged; checkwhether the insulation resistance value of the motor is within the specified range; whether the motor is lubricated well, whether the bearing is normal, and whether there is abnormal sound during operation; check whether the temperature rise of the motor meets the regulations during operation; check whether the motor is running, is there any peculiar smell when running?

2). Check the power cable of warehouse goods lift.

Check whether the cable insulation layer is damaged; whether the cable is fixed reliably; whether the cable stretched part is bent or twisted. Machine damage: check whether the cable connection is firm.

3). Check the distribution box of warehouse goods lift

Check whether the power distribution box shell is damaged and the paint is damaged; check whether the safety warning signs of the power distribution box are intact; check whether the power distribution box is grounded firmly and reliably; the hydraulic lift conducts a comprehensive inspection of the contractor: contact whether the burn is serious, whether there is a gap in the contact contact, whether the spring is damaged, deformed, corroded, and fatigue aging, whether there is any adhesion on the suction surface of the iron core, whether there is rust, whether there is oil, and the contractor when working,There is an abnormal sound, the limit block has no obvious wear machine damage; whether the disconnection time is normal; time relay inspection content: check whether the wiring in the panel is firm, whether there is looseness or fall off: check whether there is dust or dirt in the panel.