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wheelchair lift


MORNLIFT wheelchair lift, also referred to as handicap lift, is built to provide convenient, easy and reliable wheelchair access up and down, in and out of a private residence such as garage, basement, exterior deck, front porch, as well as commercial places like libraries, cinemas, banks, hotels, and hospitals.

It is simple in operation and durably built with rust-resistant components, thus suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

The lift cab can be designed with straight through access or adjacent access to adapt to different landing floor access requirements.

The vertical platform lift (VPL) can be operated by  wall-mounted push buttons or remote controls. To maximize its safety, it will not travel up or down unless its cab gate is closed.

Each of our models can be customized to increase loading capacity, height, or whatever the customer’s needs.

wheelchair lift


MODELAdjacent AccessThrough Access
LIFT HEIGHT800-6000mm800-6000mm
LIFT SPEED60mm/s60mm/s
PLATFORM SIZE(E*B)1300*900mm1300*900mm
MACHINE SIZE(A*D)/(C*D)1420*1260mm/1910*1260mm1420*1260mm/1910*1260mm
POWER SUPPLY220-240V Single-phase 10A220-240V Single-phase 10A
DRIVE SYSTEMhydraulic systemhydraulic system

Custom designs are available in platform size, load capacity, lifting height, parts, etc.


Safety sensor on the bottom of platform

The lift will stop at once the bottom touches any obstacles when going down, especially to protect the children if he enters accidentally.


Automatic ramp
with protection function


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The wheelchair lift is specially engineered to increase the mobility of people who are disabled and cannot travel from floor to floor within a home or building. It eliminates the obstacles that come with climbing the stairs and raises or lowers them so they have access to the basement, balcony, and higher floors within the home.

Vertical Platform Lift 2


Vertical Platform Lift 5
Vertical Platform Lift 6

(Unenclosed Lift)

Vertical Platform Lift 7
Vertical Platform Lift 8

(Shaftway Lift)

Vertical Platform Lift 9
Vertical Platform Lift 10

(Enclosure Lift)


Vertical Platform Lift 11

1. Packing: plywood case
2. Dimension: 5~6CMB/PC (Approx)
3. Port of loading: Qingdao, China
4. Lead time: 15 days
5. Warranty: 12 months after shipment
6. Documents with the shipment: installation guide, maintenance guide, operation manual, electric diagram, hydraulic diagram, quick-wear part, etc. (all in English)
7. Safety shaft, landing gate, and the cabin is highly suggested.
8. For travel higher than 1200mm, the platform must be disassembled before shipment to suit container size and customer needs to assemble the platform after receiving it. (We will supply detailed assembly guide withdrawing in English)


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Wheelchair Lift FAQ

The wheelchair lift sometimes is called vertical platform lift or handicap lift which is a residential lift that provides cost-effective, efficient access to any higher part at your home.
MORNLIFT, as a vertical wheelchair lift supplier, care your safety, there is below safety devices equipped on the wheelchair lift.
-Automatically lowers. Pull it when power off, then the lift will travel down safely.
-Safety sensor is installed under the platform bottom. The lift will stop when safe sensor plate touched an object.
-Electromagnetic lock and safe sensor on the door, keep the user safe. The lift will run only after the glass door(optional) closed.
When you choose Mornlift, you will benefit as below.
• For travel of up to 10 meters
• For public access requirements
• Functional and reliable
• Beautiful European design
• Great value
• Reliable and quiet
• Suitable for indoors and outdoors
• No pits needed
• Self-supporting structure
• Easy and safe to use
• Quick on-site installation time

The wheelchair lift (vertical platform lift) makes your porch or deck more easily accessible. Now as many handicapped persons and elderly become increasingly active in business and socially, requirements for compact, moderately priced equipment to overcome vertical barriers also increase.
The MORN brand Wheelchair Lift is a compact, easy-to-operate alternative for any site requirement where a ramp would be architecturally unsuitable or unattractive.
1.Special auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading of goods rapidly.
2.Fully hydraulic operation.
3. Lift cylinder position provides a mechanical advantage and maximum support during a fail-safe situation.
4. Could be operated by a single person easily, so it economizes on manpower and improves work efficiency.
How to operate a wheelchair lift safely and correctly? MORN LIFT has professional manuals for you. Then the wheelchair lift can be used for a longer time.
Safety Information for you
(1) Do not stand under the lift during lifting or descending;
(2) Keep no person and goods under the lift before descending;
(3) Keep the workplace clean;
(4) Fill lubricating oil when the lubrication point runs tight;
(5) Fill 32# hydraulic oil or 46# oil to the hydraulic oil tank in time;
Warranty for you
(1) All the machines will be fully tested before shipment.
(2) The total machine guaranteed for 12 months.
(3) 24 hours technical support– email, telephone or video online.

Morn, as vertical wheelchair lift supplier, design and produce good quality wheelchair lift to clients is our aim, Some clients after bought wheelchair lift and test lift quality, they wanna buy wheelchair lift for sale to open the local market. In order to supply good service to the client, we list the wheelchair lift installation as follows
1. Prepare installation position Morn will supply tools, all the tools in tools box.
2. Put the machine in the right position. Keep the installation position clearing, and the ground is flat.
3.Ground installation of the lift.

wheelchair lift intallation
4.Wall installation of the lift.

wheelchair lift intallation5. Add hydraulic oil In winter, wheelchair lift us 32# hydraulic oil, and during summer use 46# hydraulic oil.
6. Connect the floor post button to the machine.

wheelchair lift intallation7. Test machine for several times (operate lift by the control panel and remote control) Test all the control button, especially stop, up, down and emergency decline without no people on the platform. After the test, the lift could be load people.
Wheelchair lift installation is so easy, hope more and more the client is interesting to do Morn wheelchair lift agent. Morn vertical wheelchair lift is also could be produced according to client installation size.

Is there a weight limit for these vertical lifts?
Yes, typically, 250kgs is the weight limit for a wheelchair lift. However, we could make it at the max capacity can up to a 400kgs. If you need more than that, please write to us to get the best solution.
Is there a speed limit for these vertical lifts?
Yes, typically, it is 3-4meters per min. One of our Australia customers needs a lift time 20 seconds from ground to 3m height. And we made it through adding one set inverter.
This model LRL0.25-3.0 is built to carry a wheelchair and passenger safely up and down one or more levels. Suitable for installations in public and commercial buildings, as well as private homes.

The wheelchair lift is special equipment for the elderly or disabled, which is convenient for them to move freely between different floor. It could be fixed ground directly, no need for a pit. So it is very popular with customers.
Now, many customers ask us for braille button. Yes, we could add it on wheelchair lift. Normally like the following picture show. This design could also help the blind to use the machine by themselves, no need for other people helping them. The blind could touch the braille by hand, then control the machine as their needs. wheelchair lift in hosptial

Before buying the wheelchair lift, you need to check the installation dimension, the length, and width, and then we design the platform size for you according to the installation site. And the lifter can installation in the ground directly.
And then, check the lifting height. We have 1m to 6m. And can customize according to your requirement.
Finally, you need to know the enter and exit direction.

Before buying the wheelchair lift, you need to check the installation dimension, the length, and width, and then we design the platform size for you according to the installation site. And the lifter can installation in the ground directly. Pls kindly check the picture as follows:
wheelchair lift application
And then, check the lifting height. We have 1m to 6m. And can customize according to your requirement.
Finally, you need to know the enter and exit direction. Like the picture as follows.Vertical Platform Lift 13

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