Maintenance key points of the aerial work platforms

Aerial lifts has been widely used in the factory now, so it is necessary to get some common-sense of hydraulic aerial work platform maintenance point.

Why need to Maintenance the aerial lift platform

As the transportation, loading and unloading, and stacking of goods is inseparable from the manual handling tools and auxiliary tool. For moving cargo handling, there are internal combustion forklifts, hand truck, etc., in respect of lifting cargo, there are all kinds of aerial working platform, hydraulic aerial work platform, mobile aerial work platform such as boom lift, mast lift, scissor lift. These lifts have played a very important role, for the whole industry and even the whole economic development. It has brought the very big help. But these machines also need regular maintenance, or the work efficiency and utilization rate will decline, so as to affect our normal work.

How to Maintenance the aerial lift platform

For common hydraulic lifting platform, we need to pay attention to the repair and maintenance of these equipment. Normal and regular maintenance is preventive, with corrective or remedial action taken prior to breakage or failure. Careful overhaul can save money and prevent bigger problems that could lead to costly repairs. Hydraulic lifting platform is driven by electric energy, hydraulic system lift. It is necessary to avoid irregular operation to ensure the lift work platform normal and orderly work, and reach the ideal level of unloading. There are weekly inspection, like weekly checking the lifting platform every part, whether the connection is tightened, whether the seal ring is damaged or failed, whether there are lack of hydraulic oil – oil cylinder oil leakage is the key problem of inspection, it must be cleaned once a week. The lifting frame, cutting fork, line, oil cylinder need to be cleaned, so as not to dust debris affect the normal work.


Hydraulic elevator

For the replacement of hydraulic oil, it is best to replace once in six months, if the frequency of use is not high, it can be replaced once a year. The hydraulic oil must be clean. After changing the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic oil must be started up and lifted automatically for 2 to 3 times to make the air in the cylinder be drained clean and keep enough space to ensure that the lifting platform can rise and fall to the rated lifting height.The lifting platform table should bear balanced load, and one side of the load is not allowed to appear. The lifting of the goods is not allowed to stand on both sides of the platform, and the lifting of the goods should be kept as steady and even as possible. When the lift work platform is relatively large failure, should be repaired by professionals as soon as possible, after the failure does not need to use, so as to avoid accidents, causing personnel and property losses, must be in the first time to report to the manufacturer of the failure, the manufacturer to deal with the solution.

The use of a large range of air lift, lifting platform for us to provide a lot of convenience and benefits, but also need to pay more attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the working platform, regular maintenance, extend its service life, make it always run, for our enterprise to bring greater benefits.

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