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MORN LIFT cargo lifting solutions are designed to meet the specific application challenges of handling large cargos from ground level to any heights. The cargo lifting solutions are available in several models that vary by basic sizes and capacities to lift and position loads up to 11,023 lb at heights to 33 ft. There are hydraulic cargo lifts, scissor lift tables, four post lifts and dumbwaiter lifts to be provided for a wide range of material handling tasks in warehouses, factories, ports, stations, workshops, public places or residential houses. Chat with us to find your right lift now!

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Designed for handling goods safely at required heights, MORN hydraulic scissor lift is very popular in factory, warehouse, logistic center, airport and other occasions.
Hydraulic scissor lifts are stationary, which means that the lift cannot be moved generally, so they are called stationary or fixed scissor lift.

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MORN hydraulic cargo lifts are guide rail type freight lifts widely used to transport goods safely and efficiently between floors of buildings like warehouses and factories.
With strong structure and high-performance motor, MORN cargo lift offers you up to 11,023 lbs. of lifting capacity and 21.3 ft. lifting height.

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MORN offers various car lift solutions for customers to transport automobile, display brand-new cars in showroom and park cars.
MORN car lifts are divided into guide rail type and scissor type, you can choose suitable car lift solution according to your site condition and usage scenario.

dumbwaiter lift for sale

Widely in kitchens, offices, hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, storehouses or other places for transferring food, cooking utensils, raw materials, office files etc. Dumbwaiters are usually made of stainless steel, so they are not affected by steam, hot food, water, etc.

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Widely used in warehouse, factories, vertical production lines, and any buildings where material handling is needed. Safety and efficiency are the major consideration of our design and manufacture on lift products. Custom service available for different work requirements.


With high-strength structure and reliable driving system, MORN cargo lifts, goods lifts, scissor lift tables, four post lifts and car lifts are widely used in garage, workshop, warehouses and factories.

Cargo Lift FAQ

Long-term use of hydraulic lifting platform may occur in some parts aging, oil drop, pipe breakage, loose joints, cylinder oil spills, etc., at this time we need to do regular checks, do repairs and maintenance. General hydraulic lifting equipment for the mechanical maintenance have regular maintenance is divided into weeks maintenance, monthly maintenance, annual maintenance, the majority of enterprises in order to facilitate the use and saving time are selected monthly maintenance and annual maintenance.


Monthly maintenance is generally wheel hydraulic lifting platform, the intermediate shaft, cylinder, pin, boom hinge shaft and bearings to check to see whether the presence or absence of wear and tear, commissioning hydraulic lifting platform to see if working properly, add the injection of various parts of the some lubricants, making equipment more efficient, longer bearing life, promptly check the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil found darken, sticky, or mixed with gravel and other foreign matter, clean replace the hydraulic oil (usually replace 32 #hydraulic oil)


Year-end maintenance usually is after a year of use, hydraulic lifting platform for all aspects of the inspection and cleaning, check the hydraulic pipes, fittings, to see whether the pipeline rupture, the interface is loose, broken pipes to replace the pipes, fittings Tighten loose fittings.


Remove and disassemble the lowering valve, the plunger blowing with compressed air, and then loaded again placement. Discard the hydraulic oil exhausted, tighten the connector remove the oil filter, after cleared, cleaned with compressed air, and then back into the tank, and join the good lines. (Replace with new oil, do not continue to use the old oil. Otherwise, the system will be accelerated wear of moving parts.


Usually a good month to do maintenance, then you do not need to do too much in maintenance work, regular monthly inspections and maintenance had been carried out on the hydraulic lift platform overall maintenance. Such checks do down not only to ensure the overall efficiency of the hydraulic lifting platform also extend its service life. Its lowest cost, to create greater value for the enterprise!

What should be paid attention to when purchasing hydraulic scissors? Hydraulic scissor lift is more and more popular in the market for its safety, high efficiency and other advantages, and it also promotes the development of the hydraulic lifting platform industry. Facing so many choices in the market, how to buy a hydraulic lift with good quality and suitable for your own needs?


  1. See the use and configuration of the hydraulic lifting platform

Different configurations can achieve different use effects. According to the surrounding environment and their own use requirements, customers can choose the appropriate lifting platform configuration to achieve better use effects.


  1. Look at their installation or work environment

Due to the building of hydraulic lift platform is put aside layer height, the size of the object, the influence of such factors as contained in the conventional hydraulic lift platform model is sometimes not suitable for use requirement, can be used according to actual environment and the operation requirements, to rise, bearing capacity, and other customized processing production platform area, in order to obtain ideal use effect. Jinan the force on the hydraulic machinery provides the corresponding solutions.


  1. Look at the operating environment of the hydraulic lifting platform


In meeting rooms, exhibition halls and other places that require less noise, imported pumping stations should be considered to reduce noise pollution and worry at home. Sometimes it is used outdoors without external power supply. In this way, battery or diesel engine can be considered as power. Battery can be considered for continuous use in low temperature environment, because the diesel engine is not easy to drive when the temperature is low.


  1. Look at the frequency of hydraulic lifting platform


In the choose and buy hydraulic lifting platform, lifting platform manufacturers asked to use frequency, must truthfully answer, not to conceal the facts, so in the manufacture, the equipment for special treatment, so as not to frequent use, cause equipment damage.


Summary: Hydraulic lifting platform has a large and small, a variety of, the most expensive is not the best, choose and buy a suitable for their ability to play more outstanding in the later work.


Look around the hydraulic lifting platform, to see whether the manufacturer is fine, this is the most direct method, a good product cannot do without fine workmanship.


Observe whether the production skills of the factory staff are skilled. A company with many talents can also produce reliable products


Put on the power experiment, this is the best discrimination side, with the help of the manufacturer’s technical personnel, the performance of the hydraulic lifting platform to see if it can achieve the desired effect.

MORN cargo elevators are relatively cheaper than elevators due to their ease of use, and they do not need to be reported to relevant departments if they are not special equipment. In terms of installation conditions, it can be installed in a steel structure workshop, hoistway, floor opening, and if indoor conditions do not allow it, it can also be installed outdoors. Because of this, MORN elevators are very popular among customers. What should we pay attention to when installing elevators in steel structure factories?


  1. Whether the elevator is against the wall

The weight of an elevator can range from as little as one ton to as many as several tons, and the weight of the cargo is also a few tons. If there is nothing around the elevator, then the cargo will easily fall and hurt people. MORN elevators are best to be installed against the wall. There is really no condition. You can make a perimeter to surround the elevators, which effectively protects people from injuries if the goods fall off the elevators.


  1. Whether the steel structure is wrapped with lines

The lines of some workshops are taken from the steel structure. When we install the elevator in MORN, we must pay attention to whether the installation position is blocked by the line, because the guide rail of the elevator is vertical and upward. In case the line is blocked, we need to move the position. If the conditions are not enough, the line cannot be removed. Therefore, the manufacturer must pay attention to this when viewing the customer site in the past and inform the customer that the line needs to be moved, or inform the customer that the installation location cannot be blocked by other things.

Choose the type of elevator freight elevator to install, such as the floor elevator freight elevator, which is generally installed in the middle of the stairs, and the elevator is carried out at the entrance of the corridor. This kind of freight elevator needs to be installed with the help of stairs, and the steel structure is used to fix the lifting freight elevator to ensure the stability of the freight elevator.

First, the hoistway entrance elevator is similar to the general elevator, except that no additional motor room is needed, the rest is similar. For construction in the hoistway, the wall of the hoistway must be flat to make it easier to install the freight elevator.

Second, if it is an ordinary freight elevator that is installed against a wall, we generally recommend to build a steel structure to make the elevator more stable, and the wall must be barrier-free and flat.

Combining the conditions of the three types of freight elevators, we can conclude that the walls on which the freight elevators are installed must be flat and free of obstacles in order to raise and lower the freight elevator safely.

Hydraulic Scissor Car Lift is specially designed to transfer cars from one floor to other floors. Our car lift now is pretty welcomed by automobile 4S stores, car showrooms, garages and some other parking sites. The control panels of car lift are installed at the designated floors, and could be also installed on the lift platform, user-friendly and easy-operating.


Where to park cars now has been a common problem with increasing number of cars and expensive parking cost. Parking lot accordingly becomes a luxury for car owners who have to pay much money for limited parking places. Based on this situation, car scissor lift table or vertical lift platform for car, as the representatives of modern parking equipment, has been widely introduced by many countries.


Functionally, these two heavy-duty car lifts are both capable of offering labor-saving and efficient parking solutions for private or public parking lot. But differences do exit in practical applications of them.


Car Scissor Lift Table


Car scissor lift table can also be named as stationary scissor lift for car or scissor lift car lift table. This kind of equipment is mainly used to transport cars to different floors by lifting cars up and down. When being installed in a multi-story building, cars can be lifted onto the flat roof or top of the building, saving space and parking fees. The car scissor lift table serves as the intermediary between cars and parking places.


Vertical Lift Platform for Car


This equipment is mostly utilized in those places where parking space is extremely limited with expensive parking fees, such as CBD, large shopping mall, administrative center, etc. Its excellent advantage is that it can be designed as a cyclic parking systems with a dozen of parking places forming a rotatory parking equipment, just like a giant wheel.


Although it cannot be retracted, it just takes up more aerial space rather than ground space. Such space-saving and highly efficient parking system will also be the mainstream in future parking solution. However, it need careful and regular inspection and maintenance to keep safety, for any subtle fault can cause the whole parking equipment breakdown. Also it’s more expensive to invest and maintain.

Scissor lift family can be further divided into stationary scissor lift, mobile scissor lift, self-propelled scissor lift, among which scissor lift contains car scissor lift, stage scissor lift, and other scissor lift tables for various usages. This article intends to focus on the application of car scissor lift in automobile 4S (Sale, Spare part, Service, Survey) stores.


Automobile 4S stores are nowadays booming with the improvement of people’s lives and the development of automobile industry. With that comes an impetus that automobile 4S stores upgrade their service and facilities to bring more professional user experience. Wherein, the introduction and application of hydraulic car scissor lift are a success that promotes the work efficiency, saves space and cost, and expands business of automobile 4S stores.

Firstly, car scissor lift makes a great contribution to the exhibition of sample cars in the way that the scissor lift table elevates the car to the second floor or higher ones to be easily seen by pedestrians or prospects. So facts are usually that the lowest floors of automobile 4S stores are used for reception, maintenance and some basic service, and the higher floors are filled with hot sample cars for sale. Without car scissor lift, cars would hardly be lifted to different floors.


In addition, car scissor lift won’t take extra space as it can be retracted to the pit when not being used, which stands out especially in the circumstance of today’s expensive land price and rent. Therefore, automobile 4S stores needn’t pay more land cost for installing the car scissor lift platform.


Lastly, car scissor lift price is not too high to be acceptable for automobile 4S stores and it can also serve for more than ten years if with proper operation and maintenance. This investment will be worthwhile for not only automobile 4S stores but also other industries where goods need to be elevated vertically.

More information about car scissor lift and other lift equipment is available in the linked website, and best lift solutions can all be achieved in a customizable way.

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