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Mobile Phone: +86 186 6012 9317 (WhatsApp/WeChat/Viber)

Adds: B29L15. Diego Silang ST. New Capital Estate 1 Quezon city.manila

MORN Group has established an overseas branch in the Philippines, which covers warehouse, showroom, office and service center functions all-in-one, to serve local customers better.

  1. Pre-Sales: Services like on-site investigation, dimensional measurement and blueprint offering will be provided at the site upon request.
  2. In-Sales: We guarantee our clients receive MORN machinery successful in a timely manner. Some of the standardized products are in stock and able to acquire at once. Timely assistance will be provided if our clients encounter difficulties such as payment transactions, customs clearance, and domestic transportation, etc.
  3. After-Sales: On-site assistance and guidance will be offered by our office staff to make sure there is no need to worry after-sales problem

Parts and accessories could be found at our local branch, time efficiency got ensured. The overseas engineer could be sent from MORN head office in China if installation assistance needed.