Working Height:ranging from 12 m to 56 m

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MORN boom lifts, known to some as cherry pickers, are specifically engineered for those tricky and hard-to-reach worksites. Efficient and cost-effective, Morn boom lifts are popular in aspects like home decoration, tree trimming and exterior decoration and maintenance. These cherry pickers are easy to transport and simple to operate, allowing the user to gain access to work areas that may be blocked by barriers or obstacles.

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  • Hydraulic System: The closed-circuit hydraulic traveling system provides more control options concerning lifting speed, ensuring that the machine can run at higher pressures with less fluid flow.

  • Complete Safety Devices: Standard configuration includes four-link weighing device, overload protection, automated detection device for detecting platform amplitude and height.
  • CE Certification: The machine conforms to all the applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations.
  • Technical Support: You can contact our technicians for help if anything wrong happens, 24/7 online service.
  • Diversified Products: Satisfy your personal needs with our diversified products.
  • Global Distribution Network: We can transport the machine to anywhere in the world with our global distribution network.


Towable Boom Lift 5Towable Boom Lift Introduction

Towable boom lifts, known to some as trailer boom lifts, are specifically engineered for those tricky, high-altitude, hard-to-squeeze-into worksites.

These towable boom lifts are space-efficient whether when they’re in use or folded for storage. Efficient and cost-effective, MORNLIFT towable boom lifts are easy to transport and simple to operate. The towable boom lifts can also be customized with a jib for more flexible operation.

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ATB0.2-10900*70010m200kg5.5m5200*1680*21001850kgAC, DC, Engine, Dual power
ATB0.2-12(with jib)900*70012m200kg7.8m4700*1680*21002100kg


Towable Boom Lift 6

Articulating Boom Lift Introduction

Articulating boom lifts allow the users to gain access to work areas that may be blocked by barriers or obstacles.

With robust structure and stable output power, MORNLIFT articulating boom lifts can lift up, over and out with precise positioning in hard-to-access work areas. These articulating boom lifts are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications like municipal administration, airports, docks and ports.

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Towable Boom Lift 5

Telescopic Boom Lift Introduction

Telescopic boom lifts offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial work platforms, allowing you to work in areas with limited access points.

MORNLIFT telescopic boom lift adopts a diesel engine that’s best for outdoor applications. Maneuverable jib and rotating basket allow precise positioning of the platform. Telescopic boom lifts are mainly used for construction, airports, ports jobs as well as outdoor billboard installation.

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Boom Lift FAQ

Aerial work platforms are products used for mobile high-altitude operations such as high-altitude operations, equipment installation, and maintenance. The hydraulic oil forms a certain pressure by the vane pump and enters the lower end of the cylinder through the oil filter, explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, throttle valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, and balance valve so that the piston of the cylinder moves upwards and lifts the weight. The hydraulic oil at the upper end of the cylinder is returned to the tank through the explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, and its rated pressure is adjusted through the overflow valve, and the reading of the pressure gauge is observed.      Read More>>>  
What should you pay attention to when choosing and buying a hydraulic boom lift? Hydraulic Boom lift with safety and efficiency is more and more popular by the market, which promoted the development of the hydraulic lifting platform industry. Facing so many options in the market, how to buy good quality hydraulic lift and suitable for your own needs? Take a look at following tips. See the use and configuration of the hydraulic lifting platform Different configurations can achieve different use effects. According to the surrounding environment and their own use requirements, customers can choose the appropriate lifting platform configuration to achieve better use effects.   Read More>>>  

In order to ensure the correct use of the trailer, extend the service life of the trailer, and reduce the probability of industrial accidents caused by improper use of the trailer, the trailer use specification is formulated as follows:




What is a trailer boom lift?

The Trailer Boom Lift is specifically engineered for those tricky, high-up, hard-to-squeeze-into jobs.

They’re space-efficient, both when in use and folded up for storage, as it’s able to move around in narrow spaces easily, and be folded up for compact   Read More >>>  

The hydraulic trailer boom lift platform is also called the towable-arm lifting platform or trailer knuckle-arm lifting platform. It uses external power such as cars, pickup trucks, and other high-altitude operation equipment for traction. The knuckle-arm lifting platform has 360° rotation, convenient movement, simple operation, and operation. Features such as large radius, good balance, and high stability. The four automatic hydraulic outriggers can support both four outriggers or single-leg support in the case of uneven roads, which has good ground adaptability. It is widely used in fields that require high-altitude operations such as stations, docks, airports, municipalities, public buildings, power maintenance, street lights, advertising, communications, gardens, and large industrial and mining enterprises. It has the characteristics of a large operating radius, flexible and convenient movement, good passing ability, a maximum height of up to 20 m working height, simple operation and maintenance, convenience, and good stability.


The portable cherry picker is widely used indoor and outdoor for aerial works. Working at height can be very dangerous. Falls are by far the biggest reason for death and serious injury, across all working environments, but with care and correct training, this risk can be very much diminished. One important element of working at height is choosing the right equipment, and in many cases, a cherry picker is by far the safest option. Here we would like to share some tips on the operation.

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