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  • scissor cargo lift
  • scissor man lift
  • wheelchair lift for disabled
  • container ramp
  • boom lift
As a specialist in hydraulic lift and aerial work platform, MORN always provide customization service and design suitable solution for many fields, such as manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, construction, maintenance, etc

Here are some solutions for different field:

1. Scissor cargo lift and guide rail cargo lift. They successfully provide solution for transferring goods between different floors, provides fast, efficient,convenient and safe access to any levels in multi-storied building.

2. Wheelchair lift. Wheelchair lift is agood solution which allows wheelchair users the opportunity to movefreely within a multi-floored building while taking the wheelchair withthem so they are fully independent between floors. 

3. Scissor man lift (Trailing scissor lift and selfpropelled scissor lift). They are good solution for lift people to the top for theequipments installations and maintenance at construction sites, warehouse,bus/railway stations, airports, gas station and other working place..

4.Containerramp is a ideal colution for loading and unloading goods from container ortruck between ground. It brings great convienence for warehouse, logisticscenter, factory, etc.

5.Vertical man lift (aluminum mast lift and cylindricallift). As thier dimension is quite small, they provide good solution forinstallation, maintanence and cleaning in a very small and narrow space.

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