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Thailand cargo lift positive feedback

Author:Iris    Hot:Loading...   Date:17-10-17, 10:18 AM
Last week, one of our hydraulic vertical cargo lift elevator finished installation in Bangkok Thailand.

It is a four post hydraulic vertical cargo lift, with load capacity 1500kg, platform size 1500*1500mm and lifting height 3250mm. And this cargo lift added four sides safety enclosure and electric roller shutter according to customer’s request. Which can ensure the goods more safety when working. This vertical cargo lift is installed in a cargo storage center. Customer use it as furniture transfer lift between ground floor and the second floor.

Have to say, customer like our machine very much. And they are going to purchase three units cargo lift again from our company when their new storage center is ready. We believe that we will have more an more good cooperation in the near future.

Vertical cargo lift provides fast, efficient, convenient and safe access from mezzanines, basement and between levels in multiple story building. It can be installed in indoor or outdoor. And it widely used in warehouse, cargo storage center, factory and cake shop etc.

Due to the cargo lifts are belong to custom made product, and we always produce it according to every client’s request. So before quotation, we need to know the lifting height, load capacity and platform size you need. Moreover, we can also design one perfect cargo lift for you specially, if you have other special request like landing door, overload warning, safety enclosure and so on.

MORN cargo lifts are on sales promotion to celebrates China 's National day now. If you have any interest, please send us email or call directly to get in touch with us. Our professional sales and engineers will help you choose a proper cargo lift.

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