Lifting Height: 2.4 m – 30 m
Loading Capacity: 200 kg – 50,000 kg
Tailored Design

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Cargo Lift Introduction

MORN hydraulic cargo lifts are guide rail type freight lifts widely used to transport goods alone or cargoes on pallets, crates, trolleys safely and efficiently between floors of buildings like warehouses, workshops, factories and storehouses. These hydraulic cargo lifts can work both indoors and outdoors. The maximum lift height of these cargo lifts can reach 19.7 ft due to the adoption of high-quality steel structure. The rugged hydraulic cylinder and the leaf chain together ensure that these cargo lifts show great performance even in rough environment.

Cargo lift is also known as goods lift, freight lift, or mezzanine lift. Hydraulic cargo lifts provide heavy cargoes with fast, efficient, and safe access to different heights of mezzanines, basement, garage and any level of multistoried buildings, and are suitable for places where pits cannot be excavated, and narrow spaces where the top level is hard to reach.

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  • Quality assurance and CE certification
  • Fast & smooth raising and lowering
  • Technical support and after-sales service
  • High strength leaf chain and wire rope ensure stable running
  • PLC control system provides safe and smooth operation
  • Customized service offers you better solution for handling goods
  • Customizable in loading capacity, platform size and travel height
  • 5-year warranty on the main structure from the date of purchase


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Cargo Lifts for Sale

MORN hydraulic cargo lift provides an economical and practical solution for low-floor goods transportation. MORN Lift offers different models and optional configurations to accommodate various installation environment and meet customers’ specific requirements. Capable of lifting 11,023 lb of cargo to multistory buildings exceeding 33 ft in height, MORN warehouse cargo lifts offer you safe and fast solution to handling warehouse goods. We will do our best to tailor a highly efficient goods delivery platform for you. Contact Us for Free 3D Drawing.

Details of Cargo & Car Lift

Limit switch

Limit switch exhibits high accuracy and repeatability and works well in almost any industrial setting.

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Power unit
The power unit provides precise movement and speed control over a wide range of speeds and load weights.

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Wire rope

High-strength wire rope helps the cargo lift to show better performance and obtain longer useful life.


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Leaf chain

Leaf chains’ long service life, high fatigue strength and maximum wear resistance make them the ideal solution for long-term projects that need to be both reliable and incredibly strong.hydraulic-cargo-lift 17

Control system

MORN cargo lifts adopt PLC control system, which can monitor and record run-time data such as lifting speed or operating temperature, automatically start and stop lifting processes, and more.hydraulic-cargo-lift 18

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder has variable speed control, automatic overload protection and positioning benefits.


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Cargo Lift FAQ

Hydraulic cargo lifts is an very important thing. Hydraulic cargo lifting platforms, which are important equipment widely used in cargo transportation between floors. How about the advantages of the mini lift?


The maximum height of the lifting platform refers to the height of the platform surface from the ground when the platform is raised to the highest position. Generally, the naming method of imported high-altitude equipment uses platform height. The maximum working height refers to the height at which a person can work flexibly when the platform is raised to the highest position plus the hand when standing. Generally, this height is 2 meters above the platform height.


The scope of use of the lifting platform

Choose suitable cargo lifts according to your actual needs, such as: where to use, what is the environment, how much the equipment requires to lift, size, rise, rated load and other factors to comprehensively consider and screen. Choose the lifting platform that suits your job level requirements.


Working environment of the lifting platform

Many customers have different requirements for using lifting platforms and different types of requirements. Today’s cargo lifts are diverse and can be customized according to their needs. Therefore, the key to choosing which lifting equipment is to use there, such as: some customers For indoor use, the environment is required to be clean and tidy, do not dig pits, and need protective nets, etc. At this time, you can choose which type of lifting platform and rail type lifting platform. Some customers choose outdoor use, and there is no strict requirement for cleanliness. They can dig pits or add protective nets. Many people choose to dig pits. Naturally, more common fixed scissor lift platforms are chosen.


Three, the type of lifting platform


Nowadays, with market demand, manufacturers produce lifting platforms of various models and parameters, such as: fixed lifting platforms, scissor lifting platforms, automobile lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting platforms between floors, guide rail lifting platforms, crank arm Various types of equipment such as lifts. Customers can choose the type that suits them according to their needs.


When selecting the lifting platform, it is necessary to consider many influencing factors such as traffic control, work safety, workers’ working environment, the size of the existing space, and climate conditions. The determination of the height and position of the lifting platform is the top priority, which determines the stability of the lifting platform and the later work efficiency. If the choice is incorrect, the later work will be restricted. So how should the height and position of the lifting platform be determined?


The adjustment plate of the cargo lifts is installed at the front end of the platform, which eliminates the direct gap and height difference between the lift and the truck, and facilitates the forklift to directly transport the goods onto the truck or unload the goods. At the same time, if the slope increases, the loading and unloading efficiency will be affected, and the structure and maintenance requirements for the adjustment plate and the forklift will also be correspondingly increased, which is more likely to cause accidental danger. When determining the height of the hydraulic platform, first determine the range of the floor height of the truck using the platform, and use the middle height of this range as the reference value for the height of the loading and unloading platform.


I hope our introduction can be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the knowledge of freight lift, you can browse us Website, we will provide you with more professional information.


The above are some advice to purchasing hydraulic cargo lifts introduced by MORN LIFT Engineer. I hope our introduction can be helpful to you. If you want to learn more about the lift, you can browse our website and we will provide you with more professional information, or call our consultation hotline 0086-0531-88692337, we are at your disposal.

The goods lifting machine is a special hydraulic lift platform used to transport goods between the heights of the building. It is mainly used for the transportation of goods between the floors of various operations, and the car lifting between the floors of the three-dimensional garage and the underground garage. Where are general freight lifts used?


The hydraulic system of the hydraulic goods lifting machine is equipped with anti-falling and overload safety protection devices. Operation buttons can be set on each floor and the work surface of the lifting platform to complete multi-point control.


The hydraulic lift freight lift has sturdy layout, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient device protection. It is an economical and practical low-floor large cargo transportation equipment instead of traditional lifts. According to the installation environment and application requirements of the freight lift, choose different optional equipment to get a good use effect.


The hydraulic cylinder of the lift freight lift is made of high-strength materials and outstanding mechanical functions. The tower-shaped ladder-shaped guard frame makes the lift platform more stable. Even at high altitude, you can feel its superior smooth function. Widely used in warehouses, workshops, building floors and other occupations and categories.


The hydraulic freight lift adopts steel frame layout or high-strength steel plate layout, and the load-bearing increase ranges from 0.1 to 10 tons, and the size can be customized according to user needs.


The operation method can be divided into up and down control and single-person control on the ground, or multi-layer control. Elevating freight lifts are used in production lines and warehouses, papermaking, medicine and other occupations. They can be used as delivery lifts to transport goods and lift smoothly.

Goods lifting machine has become a popular product in the aerial work market in recent years. In order to allow customers to obtain better results in use, it is also necessary to eliminate unstable factors during use.


The guide rail lift is overloaded, and the load must be within the rated range. Overloading will not improve work efficiency, on the contrary, it will seriously shorten the service life of the guide rail lift.

The pin shaft is faulty. The pin shaft is an important movable part between the support rods. Once it is unable to move freely, it will cause the guide rail lift to lift inflexibly and cause unstable factors.

The hydraulic system is faulty. The main inspection items are to check whether the motor is running normally; check whether it is blocked; check whether the seal is good.

The electrical system has poor contact. The main inspection items are: check whether the voltage of the rail lift is stable; check whether the electric box indicator light is working properly; check whether the lift switch has poor contact.

There may be a lot of impurities in the hydraulic oil of the lift. The hydraulic oil is an important medium for the work of the guide rail lift. Therefore, if there are a lot of impurities in the hydraulic oil, it is easy to be blocked when it flows into the hydraulic components, resulting in unstable lifting.

In order to ensure the good use of the fixed lift freight lift, we must do a good job in the maintenance of the lifting machinery. If you have some needs about our goods lifting machine, please confirm the parameter you need, and please contact us freely to tell us what you need. Then we will send details to you and to customize the lift you need.

The freight lift is a tool used to carry goods. With the development of society, the advancement of technology, and the increase of labor costs, more and more mechanized equipment is used. In the future factories, the application of guide rail lifts will become more and more extensive. If you use guide rail lifts, the work efficiency will be greatly improved, and the function of the lifting platform will be maximized to achieve excellent results. The guide rail lift is a special auxiliary equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function enables a bridge to be built between the truck and the cargo platform of the warehouse to maximize the function of the lifting platform.


Uneven Platform

As the saying goes, nothing is perfect, let alone mechanical equipment. Not afraid of problems, as long as they actively solve and respond. What if the surface of the lifting platform is uneven?


The uneven surface of the lifting platform may be caused by the user placing the goods on one side of the platform. The correct way to use the lifting platform is to place the goods in the middle of the platform. After the installation is completed, the manufacturer or supplier will post a notice board around the lifting platform to inform users of the correct placement of the lifting platform. If the goods are placed aside, it will cause partial load, and over time, the platform will appear uneven.


Here, we tell the vast majority of users of the lifting platform that when this happens, we can adjust the steel wire rope of the platform. The steel wire rope, also known as the balance rope, is used to adjust the balance of the lifting platform. If not, please ask the manufacturer or supplier of the lifting platform to send someone to adjust it.


Maintenance of Freight Lift

The development of economy promotes the lifting platform to become a common tool, which plays an important role in the transportation of logistics city and factory. Hydraulic lifting platform is a common equipment, maintenance is very important, so how do we make plans for the maintenance of the lift? The following editor will sort out with you.


How often is the lift maintained?


Compared with lifts and freight lifts, hydraulic lifting platforms are relatively simple to maintain. In the case of standard operation, good maintenance is necessary, and the maintenance time can be designed to be shorter, such as once every 3 months! Regular maintenance is a powerful guarantee for the safe and efficient work of the lift!


Who should do the lift maintenance?


For the maintenance of the lifting platform, we generally find the supplier of the lifting platform for repair and maintenance. Of course, we can also do it ourselves. Maintenance is nothing more than checking the wiring and applying butter.


Maintenance plan for our lifts


Such as how often the sideways inspections, program debugging test lists, etc., these data can provide a reference for our lift maintenance. Secondly, the technicians should provide us with a list of items every time they check, so that we can better understand the working status of the existing lifts.




Hydraulic oil, etc. of the lift, the oil quantity should be checked regularly to prevent poor working condition and serious wear of the lift, and timely replenish the oil quantity.


Wearing parts.


For some wearing parts, such as seals, a small amount of work should be reserved. In an emergency, you can determine the fault by yourself. If you want to replace the wearing parts, you can handle it yourself.

The vertical cargo lift uses hydraulic cylinders to lift up, chains and wire ropes to pull the workbench. After it is raised to the target height, it is automatically leveled with the floor through a limit switch. A limit switch is installed on the structure of the guide rail lift to prevent the failure of the leveling limit switch and the guide rail lift continues to lift and cause dangerous accidents.


Vertical cargo lift-Before use

The vertical cargo lift has been inspected and debugged before leaving the factory, and all technical indicators have reached the design requirements. The user only needs to read this manual carefully and strictly follow the steps when using it.

2.Non-professionals are not allowed to adjust the hydraulic system, electrical control system and platform structural components.


3.When the platform is installed and used for the first time, carefully check whether there are any abnormalities in the hydraulic pressure, electrical appliances, and structural components. Only when there is no abnormality can be debugged, and the load test should be performed after 3 to 5 times of no-load. This step also applies after the platform overhaul.


4.The platform has a guiding structure, carefully check the guiding structure and make sure that the guiding structure is good before debugging. The platform must not be loaded during debugging.


Vertical cargo lift-Operation

1.The operation of the vertical cargo lift is designed as a fully automatic operation mode, and the corresponding action can be realized by pressing the corresponding button on the control box, and it will automatically stop after reaching the working height. The realization of these functions is realized by electrical appliances such as AC contactors and limit switches.


2.If the operator is replaced, the new operator should carefully study the operating experience of the former operator and read the manual carefully. The load should be placed in the center of the workbench and overloaded strictly.


Vertical cargo lift-Matters needing attention

If possible, a dedicated platform operator should be provided. What the operator should observe when pressing the button:


1.Whether the load is placed in the center of the guide rail type lifting platform, otherwise the relevant personnel should be urged to adjust.


2.After pressing the button, whether the guide rail lifting platform has corresponding action, otherwise, press the “stop” button immediately to check whether the power line is lack of phase to avoid burning the motor.


3.What the operator should observe during the lifting process of the guide rail lifting platform:


(1). Observe whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage in the hydraulic oil circuit.


(2). Whether there is abnormal noise in each rotating part. Deal with it accordingly. Replace severely worn parts in time.


(3). Whether the hydraulic pump has abnormal noise. If so, it should be dealt with in time.


Vertical cargo lift-Maintenance after one-year operation

1.Clean the hydraulic pump, replace the shaft pin and other parts of the rotating and transmission parts that are severely worn.


2.Add sufficient lubricating oil to the rotation and transmission parts, and check whether all the fasteners of the rail-type lifting platform are loose.


3.Check the wear of the top rod of the cylinder, check whether the control circuit and electrical appliances are corroded and rusted, and whether the joints of the circuit are loose, collapsed, rusted, etc. Find problems and deal with them in time.


4.Whether the steel structure of the guide rail lifting platform is corroded or rusted, clean it up in time, spray paint, and check all the fasteners of the hydraulic oil circuit.


Vertical cargo lift-hydraulic oil replacement

Hydraulic oil is the power transmission carrier. It is very important to maintain the viscosity and cleanliness of the hydraulic oil. Replace the hydraulic oil at least once every six months. If the frequency of use is high, more than 10 times a day, replace the hydraulic oil once every 3 months. Use 46# hydraulic oil in winter and 32# hydraulic oil in summer.

With the continuous development of society, people’s needs continue to increase. In order to meet people’s growing production and life needs, many mechanical equipment has emerged. Warehouse goods lift are one of them. However, there are many types of freight lifts, such as guide rails. The freight lift is one of them. Today, we will mainly learn about the safety protection measures of commercial lifts.


1). Inspection of warehouse goods lift Check whether the motor base and shell are intact; whether the motor base is installed firmly and whether the motor vibrates during operation; check whether the motor fan is damaged; check whether the insulation resistance value of the motor is within the specified range; whether the motor is lubricated well, whether the bearing is normal, and whether there is abnormal sound during operation; check whether the temperature rise of the motor meets the regulations during operation; check whether the motor is running, is there any peculiar smell when running?

2). Check the power cable of warehouse goods lift.


Check whether the cable insulation layer is damaged; whether the cable is fixed reliably; whether the cable stretched part is bent or twisted. Machine damage: check whether the cable connection is firm.


3). Check the distribution box of warehouse goods lift


Check whether the power distribution box shell is damaged and the paint is damaged; check whether the safety warning signs of the power distribution box are intact; check whether the power distribution box is grounded firmly and reliably; the hydraulic lift conducts a comprehensive inspection of the contractor: contact whether the burn is serious, whether there is a gap in the contact, whether the spring is damaged, deformed, corroded, and fatigue aging, whether there is any adhesion on the suction surface of the iron core, whether there is rust, whether there is oil, and the contractor when working. There is an abnormal sound, the limit block has no obvious wear machine damage; whether the disconnection time is normal; time relay inspection content: check whether the wiring in the panel is firm, whether there is looseness or fall off: check whether there is dust or dirt in the panel.


4). Running


After the small cargo lift is installed, it can be operated. The surface of the counter is placed according to the approved lifting (the goods are placed on platform above) carry out the increase and decrease operation, and the fund allocation can be used without any problem if the operation is no problem.


Use the column square steel pipe and the internal thread to accurately position, install the four columns and then use the screw nut to quickly; then use the auxiliary chuck


Establish the position of the structure, and weld the three structures and the column; accurately position the manufactured lift angle steel embedded guide rail


In the groove of the shaft, use the top screw nut to clamp the guide rail and the frame for butt welding; in advance, the cement block and the rack are twisted with anchor screws


Tighten, fix the rack on the rack positioning pin according to the pin holes on both sides of the rack, clamp it with the top screw nut, and then connect it with the


Tightened cement blocks are butt welded to the structure. After checking the accuracy of the specifications and models of the electric lifting platform, arc welding on each part.


In fact, for commercial lifts lifts, as a manufacturer, we are most concerned about the quality of the lift, and more importantly, the safety. Because large equipment such as commercial lifts lifts can carry people and goods, the load and lift are very large.

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