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Vertical Platform Lift with Enclosure
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  • Certification: CE certification
  • Lifting capacity: 250 kg
  • Lifting height: 1,200 mm – 10,000 mm, subject to customer requirements
  • Flexible design and feature options: Can be built to suit virtually any home or commercial project.
  • Quiet and reliable hydraulic drive: Smooth start, stop.
  • Multiple safety device: With anti-drop function, the platform will stop within 0.15 seconds in case of drive chain breaking. Safety plate is installed on the bottom of the platform, which will be stopped if the safety plate is touched by any foreign object.
  • Power: The power supply adopts single-phrase power, and the control voltage uses 24V DC safety voltage.
  • Material: More than 85% of the external parts are made of rust-proof materials (stainless steel and aluminum alloy).


Whether used in homes or businesses, MORN Vertical Platform Lifts with enclosure or cabin help eliminate barriers that stairs may present for people with limited mobility. MORN home lifts can provide access to different landings of a building without compromising architectural character, which means MORN enclosure or cabin VPLs are self-contained and need no hoistway or shaftway. The enclosure consists of aluminium alloy frame and tempered glass, forming solid structure. The vertical platform lift with a cabin can keep users away from chilly wind and rain to make users feel safe and warm. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me!


WL-1.2  1,420×900*20001,2002501,430×1,500×2,050
WL-1.6  1,420×900*20001,6002501,430×1,500×2,450
WL-2.0  1,420×9002,0002501,430×1,500×2,850
WL-2.4  1,420×9002,4002501,430×1,500×3,250
WL-2.8  1,420×9002,8002501,430×1,500×3,650
WL-3.2  1,420×9003,2002501,430×1,500×4,050
WL-3.6  1,420×9003,6002501,430×1,500×4,450
WL1-4.0  1,420×9004,0002501,430×1,500×4,850
WL-4.4  1,420×9004,4002501,430×1,500×5,250
WL-4.8  1,420×9004,8002501,430×1,500×5,650
WL-5.2  1,420×9005,2002501,430×1,500×6,050
WL-5.6  1,420×9005,6002501,430×1,500×6,450
WL-6.0  1,420×9006,0002501,430×1,500×6,850


Optional parts

MORN LIFT home lifts offer customers high-quality optional parts to facilitate the installation of the wheelchair lift.

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Emergency stop button

The emergency stop switch is highly visible in color, label and shape to operate easily in emergency situations. The button must be red mushroom head with symbol of arrow, EMERGENCY or STOP.

Frequency converter

According to the actual needs of the motor, the frequency converter provides the power supply voltage needed to achieve the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation.

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MORN home lifts are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in homes or public buildings and provide people with access to the basement, balcony, and different floors of your home.

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Wheelchair Lift FAQ

Yes, our lifts are suitable for outdoor use, we will use water proof parts IP64.

Our lifts use hydraulic system with stable performance.

We will provide detailed installation video and installation manual.

The production normally takes about 20 working days.

The standard color of our products is white, which can also be customized according to your requirements.

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