MORNLIFT aerial order picker or aerial order picker is an ergonomic and economical solution for order picking, an important part of warehouse activity, which can be up to 55 percent of warehouse operating costs.

Order pickers provide flexibility and versatility for a range of indoor applications where pallet trucks, rolling ladders, and other piece-picking methods are traditionally used. Faster travel, lift and lower speeds reduce order picking time. Their maneuverability in very narrow aisles and high level “picking capabilities” enables the customer to take full advantage of limited storage space.

MORNLIFT offer two types of aerial order pickers: Fully Electric Order Pickers and Manual  Aerial Order Picker.


  • The bottom of the high-level order picker is equipped with a steering wheel that achieves pivot steering for flexible operation. This allows the picker to be used in narrow spaces.
  • The electric order picker has a charging indicator so that operators know just by the indicator color, when the equipment is fully charged.
  • For convenient safety inspections, the picker has a support seat added, which improves overall safety of the equipment.
  • An alarm will automatically sound when the battery is low, in order to remind the operator to charge the picker and carry out daily maintenance.
  • The picker is also equipped with an emergency lowering button. In the event of an emergency, the operator can press the button, and the order picker will lower back to the original level.
  • The electromotion order picker comes with a weight limit, thus effectively preventing accidents caused by too much weight.
  • The gradeabiity is 25%, meaning the order picker can easily and safely climb angles and slopes.
  • The fully electric order picker has a failure code display. In the event of any equipment malfunction, the problem will be clearly displayed, making it easy to fix.

Application of scissor lift

The aerial order picker is suitable for single-person operation and flexible and convenient to make it the best choice for product stacking, storage and retrieval in narrow spaces such as warehouses, workshops and supermarkets.