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MORN Group Limited, founded in 2002, is located in the Jinan city of the Shandong Province in China. It is one of the largest machinery manufacturers in China. MORN has devoted itself to the research, development, design, manufacture, sales, and service of CNC machines,Hydraulic equipment, and parking systems.


MORN has 15 years of domestic sales and 8 years of international sales experience. MORN has now reached 80 countries and regions worldwide, and our products are widely used in many companies,including factories, warehouses, construction sites, supermarkets, power stations, ports, parking lots, and airports.


Our company is a member of the China Association of Warehouses and Storage. With excellent facilities, advanced techniques, tremendous technology, and full-scale after-sales services, all of our products have passed the inspection of the Check Station of China Special Equipment and Manufacture License of Special Equipment of the People’s Republic of China. Our company has the 2000 Quality System Certification of  ISO 9001, and passed the test of CE Quality Community.


Our products are separated into five main series, and fifty varieties. Their quality and capability have been tested in many international projects, and has performed extremely well. Our machines can hold up to 10 tons, and were awarded the first place prize of Shandong Mechanical Designing Competition. We have a well-known domestic and international reputation in China as well as in America, Canada, and Germany.We take pride in building safe and highly efficient machines for our customers.