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Scissor lifts ready for ship

Author:Grace   Hot:Loading...   Date:16-12-13, 06:40 AM

Today, there are 3 units scissor lifts ready for ship in Morn factory.

This little scissor lift is for Singapore customer, the platform has tilt function. Firstly the scissor platform lift up to 3.6m height and then platform tilt to one side, help the product on it slide down itself.

This platform has loading capacity 2000kgs, surface by powder painting. Customer could operate the lift by buttons on control box or by the handheld controller.

The second and third scissor lifts are both for car lifting. One is for our Malta customer and another is for a Netherlands customer.

The scissor car lifts are used for vehicle transfer from basement to ground floor. All Morn lifts have warranty of 12 months after customer receive them. Free parts available if there is non-man-made-fault. 

Morn provide professional hydraulic lift customization, we could offer free design and solution based on actual site conditions. Pls call or send us email for get an offer.

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